How to open a Facebook account

Often times, people create an account with Facebook not knowing why they created that. Some might do this as a result of peer pressures. Facebook has become one of the most popular social networks worldwide in order to enable people to keep in touch with their new and old friends across the globe.How to open a Facebook account

What have you discovered Facebook for? However, there are many attributes that defines facebook for people; these attributes include, Facebook as a business platform, project sales, personal brands or online store. To some people, these things are what they understand Facebook for while many others see it a friend’s chat zone.

No matter what your mindset may be about Facebook, there is only one way of creating an account which is the Facebook registration form.

However, follow the steps to learn how to open a Facebook account. You will fully understand the process and learn how to accept just the necessary conditions. You are about to create your personal or business profile on Facebook. You will be shown how to create a personal account and equally a business account.

How to create a personal Facebook account 

In regards to the types of profile, first, let’s look at all you need to know in order to create a personal profile.

Step 1:

Your personal Facebook profile

The first step talks about creating your profile. There are several things to add up while creating your profile. We all know that the personal profile is the most common type of Facebook account designed for free time and leisure periods. It is the best strategy for sharing your interests, some personal data like where you work or studied and also an easy way to keep in touch with friends and family (most importantly), even those that you thought you wouldn’t hear from again.

Below are a group of details you need while you create a personal account on Facebook.

  • Name and last name
  • Phone number or email
  • Password
  • Date of birth and gender

If you are done submitting all the above requirements, simply click on Create an account

Step 2: Don’t forget to check your email account! Confirm your account via the email link from Facebook.

Step 3: Configure your personal Facebook profile or account 

Make your profile attractive by adding colors to your profile. Follow the below steps to set your profile the way you want it to be.

At first, add a profile picture to your Facebook account. This is to help everybody recognize you and to also reach more people.

Secondly, Search for friends. Classmates, family friends, etc. All of them have a place. Find friends via email add however, now that you have your Facebook account, you can interact with friends and associates, receive notifications from groups and events you like to stay up-to-date.

 How to create Facebook business account

  Aside from creating a personal profile, you can also create a Facebook business account. Creating a Business account adds value to your account, thereby making it a professional account for your business, personal brand, and store or even for a public figure.

Creating a business account will place you with two options: business or brand and community or public figure. Let’s look into what they both represent.

Business or brand: this is to specify your targeted audience. However, It is a way to improve the reach of your online store or company in order to reach out to more customers.

Community or public figure: Create your own Facebook community and share your interests! This option is ideal especially when it has to generate content about music, your favorite show or the sport you practice.


With your Facebook personal account, you will accurately get the process because they are very similar to personal Facebook accounts. But the difference is that you must be careful in choosing the right name so your potential customers can easily find your brand or business.

Afterwards, it is time you set your profile. Set up your profile and cover photo, add a brief bio  about your page and products if it’s an online store, etc.


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