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With Facebook Marketplace, you are sure to have all your basic life activity activated within one social network. Facebook became the first in the lists of social networks to introduce  Marketplace for its users.

You don’t need to start visiting eCommerce shop to buy are sell with the integration of Facebook market place feature to your favorite social network. This singular gesture has blown other social networks out of the water.

What this means is that you can socialize and do your buying and selling within your Facebook app.

How the Facebook Marketplace works

With this feature, buy and selling within a local is now made easy. Sellers can connect with buyers with their local and do business with each other. This makes it easier to get buyers for your product and service. You don’t have to do much to connect with buyers and facebook will make you meet with buyers within your zone.

This now leads us to know how well organized the Facebook Marketplace is.

For those with products and services to sell to the public, you are expected to give details on the item so prospective buyers can get a rundown of what you’re offering.

With this done, when intending buyers visit your Facebook shop, you will be notified. This will help you find out more about the buyer, whether the buyer buys the item or not depends on your negotiation.

How to Find the Marketplace Service

  • Sign in to your account using the Facebook app.
  • Tap on the “Shop-looking” icon on your Newsfeed.
  • If you intend to sell an item, tap on the “Sell Something” button, and then tap on “Item for Sale“.
  • Enter the required details about the item and place it under the appropriate category.
  • Now, your work is done. You just have to wait to get notified when a prospective buyer indicates interest in your item.

With this, I know you can now attract and influence buys within your area coverage. This will still help local buyers not to look or go too far in getting that product of choice.

This is a great standout gesture from Facebook. This feature is accessible both from Facebook app and Facebook.com

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