Marketplace Tab – How to use Marketplace Tab on Android/iPad

Some of us overtime had wondered why our Facebook marketplace tabs not showing? What do you think about the market tab? Market tab was introduced by Facebook to enable buyers and sellers to enjoy easy access to the local listings and items they would love to buy. This article is actually going to point how you can access the Market Tab on your device in case you don’t know how to do that.

Where Can I Locate Market Tab?

You can locate the Marketplace Tab in the Facebook app, your desktop, and Tablets. When you log in to your Facebook account just for those making use of iOS devices, you will locate it at the bottom of the app, if you make use of android device, it is at the top of the page, while for those using web browser, you will see it at the left side of the facebook page. This gives a complete answer to the question why is my Facebook marketplace tab not showing?

How to Use Marketplace Tab

  • Once you get to your Facebook account, you should notice a new “shop” icon
  • Click and add a photo of the item you are marketing for sale as required by facebook.
  • Next, your title.
  • Now add a description about the product. Note that this should be brief and should contain a catchy message to fetch a buyer’s interest.
  • Then add the price tag.
  • Afterward, include location and category for easy location of you and your products.
  • Now you are through with the requirements, sit tight and watch as facebook marketplace gives your brand and products your desired marketing.

Marketplace on Android | how do I get Marketplace Tab on Android?

Be guided by the below following steps t get the Marketplace tab on your Android device.

  • Navigate to your facebook app
  • Click on the store icon at the top of the page.
  • Click on “categories” at the top view
  • Select a category to view
  • Search through the marketplace for specific items.
  • Click on the item to view its details.
  • Again, Click on “Ask for Details” on the item details page.
  • Click on the “message button beneath the left side.

How do I Get Marketplace Icon on My iPad

  • Navigate to your facebook app and open it.
  • Click on the three-line icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Now locate and click on the “Marketplace” icon.
  • What you ought to do next is to set a location. But this is optional.
  • Click on “shop”
  • Select a category and click a listing to check out for your favorite.

How do I turn on Marketplace Tab?

  • from, click at the top right
  • Click on “notifications” in the left side menu
  • Click on “facebook”
  • Navigate down to the Marketplace and click on “Edit”.
  • Now select “on or off’ to a notification type and then choose on or off to change it.

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