A Chromebook is a cloud-based laptop running the Linux-based Chrome OS operating system.  UNDERSTANDING CHROMEBOOK helps one carry out most of the activities a general laptop is used for, such as web browsing, email, documents, spreadsheets, and saving files. It achieves all of these through a cloud-based approach.UNDERSTANDING CHROMEBOOK - Chrome OS And Features

The Chrome OS operating system is a fast one with a fast booting BIOS as well. It turns on in just a few seconds as opposed to a computer or laptop which takes from sixty seconds to several minutes. This is so because the Chromebook does not have local applications it needs to launch every time it comes on. Everything is done through a Chrome browser or through Chrome-based web apps that look like a regular application as a result of UNDERSTANDING CHROMEBOOK.

The hardware here is made up of solid-state hard drives, which transfer data much faster than traditional drives. The user interface gives the appearance of a Windows 10 desktop through its operating system is very different from that of Windows.


noteworthy new Chrome OS features to keep an eye on

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Our first new Chrome OS feature is the long-under-development Nearby Share system for sending and receiving files wirelessly between multiple …

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Teach your Chromebook some helpful new tricks and set yourself up for more effective work — and play

Chrome OS – Wikipedia

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Chrome OS (sometimes styled as chromeOS) is a Gentoo Linux-based operating system designed by Google. It is derived from the free software Chromium OS and …

Learn about Chromebooks – Google Help

https://support.google.com › Chromebook › answer

Chromebooks are a new type of computer designed to help you get things done faster and easier. They run Chrome OS, an operating system that has cloud storage, …

These 8 Chromebook features will help boost your productivity

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Wi-Fi Sync is an existing Chrome OS feature that lets you share your network settings between devices. It’s been enhanced to work with more …

The Chromebook Desktop Has The Following Features:

  • A circle icon in the lower-left corner. It is the menu that displays all installed Chrome apps.
  • A bar of pinned apps at the bottom of the taskbar
  • A status bar in the lower right corner where you can access features like Bluetooth, Volume, Wi-Fi, user accounts, and settings.
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Features of Chromebook Hardware


Firstly, Most Chromebooks have full-sized keyboards, with no numeric keypad on the right. Function keys are replaced with Chromebook specific function keys and a search key replaces the CAPS LOCK key.

USB Devices:

Secondly, Chromebooks do not support advanced or unique hardware that requires the installation of device drivers like display adapters or webcams. It works with most standard USB devices like eternal mice, keyboards, and flash drives.


The chromebook supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and do not come with an Ethernet port. They are mostly mobile devices.

Storage: Most files on Chromebook are stored on Google Drive or other cloud storage services.

Features of Chromebook Software

Generally, Softwares can’t be installed on Chromebooks, most of the activities are done through Google services, they are typically cloud-based. The Chromebook Softwares include:


It makes use of cloud-based email services to answer and reply to emails. These include Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and others.

Documents and Spreadsheets:

One can use the Google Sheets and Google Docs or access office online with Microsoft 365 account.

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Storing Files:

Storing all files on cloud storage is the best way to go about storing files here. Files can also be stored locally or in a flash drive.

Productivity and Notes:

For notes, we can use Google calendar or Google keep. Both web apps are pre-installed. Online calendars and other note-taking services are also used.


Chromebooks come pre-installed with a music player app, so you can play music files on your Chrome laptops or stream music from the web.

Video Conferencing:

Most Chrome laptops include a webcam. One can therefore use any online video conferencing service for video meetings.

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