How to Use AirDrop on iPhone or iPad/Mac? Best Guide

Longing to know How to Use AirDrop on iPhone, This guide will help you. AirDrop is a service designed for making wireless sharing and receiving files, photos, videos, and lots more which happen between nearby Apple devices. It is a very fast and easy way to share files within seconds or minutes instead of going through messages.How to Use AirDrop on iPhone

How does this work?

For you to share your files, you should at first create a “peer-to-peer” Wi-Fi connection between the devices. While making the connection for sharing files, both the sending and receiving device creates a firewall around the connection using Bluetooth.

This app searches for devices that are close-by in order to create a strong WIFI and make files available for a couple of rooms. The linking of the Bluetooth is to ensure perfect connections and also helps to improve the speed at which files will cross over to the available devices. Now when a file is sent, immediately the receiver gets notified so as to accept the file sent.

How to Switch On AirDrop

With a few steps, you can arrive at putting on AirDrop by locating the control panel. Check this out.

  • Slide from down to up on your device while for iPhone X, swipe down from the upper right corner so as to access the control panel.
  • If then you have 3D touch, click on the “connectivity” tab and click on the “AirDrop” button.
  • Allow it to display the permissions from you. You can switch on or off.
  • Now to receive from your contacts, click on the “contacts only” tab.
  • Then if you want to receive from everyone, you should consider clicking on “everyone”.

How to Use AirDrop on iPhone or iPad

  • Launch the app that bears what you want to share e.g. your music file.
  • Click on the music that you want to transfer
  • Navigate down and click on “Share” icon
  • Select AirDrop as an option through which you will send the file. Click on “to share with AirDrop”.
  • Now lookout for the device you want to send your AirDrop.
  • Click on the tag-circle around the device you want to share music or document with.

How to Share With Mac

  • Open finder represented with “blue and Whiteface” on your Mac.
  • Click on “AirDrop” icon and then wait for some while to see available devices to appear.
  • Now navigate to the file you want to share.
  • Highlight the content you want to share and then click on the items you highlighted or you make use of drag and drop method.
  • Click on “share” button.
  • And select “AirDrop”.
  • Now click on the available “device” that you want to transfer to.
  • Then the receiver will be notified immediately so as to accept the file sent. You can also deny the file from entering your device.

AirDrop Supported Devices

It is supported in iPhone 5, iPad 4 and Mini. Is supported on Macs with OS X lion or latest version of OS X. your iPad, or iPhone must be upgraded to iOS 8 or later for it to support AirDrop.


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