How to Create a Custom URL for a Facebook Group

How to Create a Custom URL for a Facebook Group

You can create a custom URL for your Facebook Group. With this, you easily find a Facebook page. What is the Facebook group all about?How to Create a Custom URL for a Facebook Group

Facebook Group

Facebook is a networking service has never stopped working hard in introducing more features and service to be able to make their users happy and catch fun. Some of these services include Facebook group features. This Facebook group has offered users the chance to interact and commonly engage in activities together.

Are you using Facebook Groups?

The ability of you to grow your business with the aid of the Facebook group depends on how easy people can locate you in order to join your Facebook Group. So you should want to create a custom URL for your Facebook Group. With this, your Facebook Group URL will be memorable.

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Create a Custom URL for a Facebook Group

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Access your Group Settings; Find the Customize Address button; Set your page URL in the popup window.

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In order to customize that, you need to go to your groups‘ Settings and then scroll to Customize Group. The first option you will see is Web …

How do I create a custom web address for a Facebook group › help

To create a custom web address for a Facebook group you admin:

The process has the same method of creating a vanity URL for Facebook Pages.

However, you will be shown below what it takes and how to create a custom URL for a Facebook group.

How to Create a Custom URL for Facebook

  1. Step 1, Access your Group Settings: Go to your business page and click on “Create Page @Username” on the left side of your page.
  2. Step 2, Find the customize Address button: click on the customize Address button. .
  3. Step 3; create your page URL in the popup Window: Enter a username/custom URL. Confirm if the username has not been in existence.  Then click “Create Username.” To choose a custom URL. What do you have in mind in while creating Facebook group URL? This is the name for creating a username.
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NOTE: the minimum length for a URL is 5 Characters. You are not allowed to use special characters.


Do you know that creating a custom URL for your Facebook Group will make it easier for your group members to join your group? Now that you have realized, think not twice than to create yours for your group.

In case you choose to promote your Facebook Group on business cards or your online profile, it will not just be easier for customers to remember, but it will look better too compared to the standard Facebook Group URL!

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