HOW TO CONNECT INSTAGRAM TO FACEBOOK. The two most popular social networks today are Instagram and Facebook. Millions of people each and every day visit and use these social media sites. Not everyone though uses both, some persons have just the Instagram account while some other persons use only Facebook or other social sites.HOW TO CONNECT INSTAGRAM TO FACEBOOK

In cases like this and in most cases generally, linking an INSTAGRAMs TO a FACEBOOK account can be very helpful.


On linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you will be able to:

– Have all Instagram posts automatically posted to Facebook. This can also be done manually.

– Increase the chances of more of your family, friends, and followers seeing your content.

– Save yourself valuable time from having to post the same content on two separate social networks.

– Choose or decide whether to send posts, then stories, or both posts and stories on Facebook.

– Have your Instagram stories posted on Facebook stories.


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How to link your Instagram account to a Facebook page · 1. Log in to Facebook and click Pages in the left menu. · 2. From your Facebook page


Linking Instagrams to Facebooks entails:

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1) Firstly, open Instagram on your mobile device and sign in or switch to your account if necessary.

2) Secondly, tap the profile icon to the very far right in the bottom menu.

3) Tap the menu icon in the top right corner of your profile.

4)Also,  tap the gear icon, then tap Settings at the bottom.

5) Tap Account.

6) tap Linked Accounts.

7) Tap Facebook and enter your Facebook login details.

8) Tap connect.

9) Tap start sharing to Facebook if you want to start sharing your posts. Tapping Not Now still keeps your Instagrams and Facebooks accounts linked, but then you can manually choose which Instagrams posts you also want to post to Facebook.

Instagram account is connected to the Facebooks tab by default. This can be changed so that posts are set to a Facebook page you are managing.

To select a page

tap the Facebooks profile in the share column. This displays a list of Facebooks pages you manage. At this, you can tap any page to select it so you can share your Instagram posts to it.

You can only share your Instagrams post or stories to one Facebooks profile or page at a time. To do this, simply tap the buttons beside Share Your Story to Facebook and share your posts to Facebook to turn them on or off.

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To unlock a Facebook account from an Instagram account, go to the Facebooks tab. Then move to settings Account, linked Accounts, and tap, unlike Account.

On deciding to relink your Facebook account to your Instagram account, you may not need to log into Facebooks again because Instagram still has your login details.

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