Indeed Job Posting – Job Posting on Indeed – The Cost of Indeed Job Posting

Indeed is an employment search engine launched in 2004, and is available in over 60 countries and is currently the most visited job site in the United States.Indeed Job Posting

Indeed Job Posting / Pricing

When it comes to pricing on Indeed, sponsored job postings on Indeed stars at $5.00 per day. Once you sign up for a sponsored posting, you can create a budget that fits your needs. Money gets deducted from your budget each time someone taps on your ad, but the cost will never exceed the budget which you set. Indeed also has free posting options in case you do not want to promote your ad.

How an Employer can use Indeed

Indeed enables employers to post a job on its site and reach out to a high number of potential candidates. Candidates can send applications to employers through email. Or, if the employer would rather prefer that they send directly to the company careers page after tapping on a job listing.

How to Post a Job on Indeed for Free

To post a job on, scroll to and create an account. Next, add details about your job posting and fill out the application questions (optional). Then review the job posting, and add your account details. On the Sponsor Job page, tap on “Post job without sponsoring” to the right to continue.

Sponsored Jobs on Indeed

Sponsored jobs on Indeed are listings that are given greater visibility due to an employer paying for each click it gets. Sponsored jobs pop up above and below free job post listings, and remain there so that potential applicants can see them even as they are scrolling via free postings.

Cost for Indeed Job Post – The Cost of Indeed Job Posting

The cost associated with posting a job on can range from, 10¢ – $5 per click, depending on the job and what you decide to bid. The total cost can be limited to a budget, and you can also choose to post your job on absolutely free.

How to Advertise a Job on Indeed

To advertise a job on Indeed, go to the site at, and tap on “Post a Job”,  and key in details about your business and job description, and then use the slider on the page to sponsor your job advertisement.

How to Post a Job Opening on Indeed

Begin at, and tap “Employers/Post Job”.

Key in the text for your job title and job description.

Add application questions

Preview the job.

Fill out your account information.

Decide if you want to sponsor your job

Add billing and credit card details

Give additional company information.

Indeed Job Posting for Multiple Countries

Indeed has a multi-location tool for posting, and they have active job boards in several countries. Indeed won’t post other countries for Indeed employers instantly, however. Once you’ve posted your job for a single location, you should edit it, and tap “Post in multiple locations”.

Alternatives Sites for Indeed for Employers

The following sites operate much like Indeed for employers;






Google for Jobs




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