My Doculivery Dollar Tree Access

Are you a dollar Tree associate, you want to access your paystub? You can access your paystubs and W-2s at the paystub employee portal. Store Associates can also access their current and last four pay stubs via any Dollar Tree POS terminalMy Doculivery Dollar Tree Access

However, My Doculivery system is a new way for Dollar tree employees/ associates to access their pay stubs and W-2 online. You can retrieve your current and historical pay stubs and year-end tax statements for 2018.
Moreover, the E-Forms and direct deposit now runs in the previous ESS known as Paperless Employee.

How To Access Doculivery Dollar Tree Login Page

To access your account at tree do the following;• Visit their official page at
• Key in your User ID and account password
• Lastly, select the “Log in” tab.
You don’t know your User ID? Your User ID is your company number +your employee number. You can find the number on your recent paystub.
If you still can’t find the number, kindly contact the customer support Agents.

Logging in For The First Time

If you’re logging in to the platform for the first time, your account password is your 2 digits birth year and month plus your four digits SSN. For instance your DOB is October 8, 2001, and the last four digits of your SSN is 4876. It means that your password will be 100820014876
Immediately to type in the password, you will need to retype for verification.

Your Dollar tree Dashboard

To access your dashboard, clicking on the login tab at
You can manage your account, view your W-2, paystubs and messages.
To do any of the following, the dashboard contains tabs such as
• Manage your account
• Paystubs
• W-2
• Messages
• Help
So, click on any of the manage your account button, to manage your account. To view your paystubs, tap on the paystubs link. To view your W-2 , click on the W-2 widget.
If you need help as regards to your account, tap on the “Help” button.
Login And Do The Following
Here are the features of you enjoy as you log on to your account
• Setup email alerts
• Verify employment
• View and print w2
• Change your Address
• Change direct deposit data
• Check and print your Paystub

Customer Support

If you have any question or issue regarding to your account, you can reach the customer service by mail or click on the contact US tab.
Email: [email protected]

If you want to reset your password or to unlock your account, enter the following info when responding
• Your full name
•Also, Your Associate ID
• The last four digits of your SSN
• Your work address and store number



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