Gotfreefax – Gotfreefax Review

GotFreeFax Review

GotFreeFax is an intuitive, flexible, need-meeting online fax service solution, that stands as the best both as a free outgoing and pay-per-use online fax services.

This service is a cost-effective faxing solution that comes in handy for small businesses, with all the features located on one page with clear instructions offered for each step.Gotfreefax

Why we love it

GotFreeFax offers faxing capability to a large number of international destinations, for a different price each. It also offers the options for prepaid fax service to each international country, but no free option other than between the US and Canada.

Vannet Technology is the parent company of GotFreeFax, based in Canada. It gets their trust verified by Comodo and features greater than 128-bit encryption to ensure the privacy of faxed information.

Sends fax through the online portal. Users can create a cover page by entering a text into a box or upload a document. It also gives room for uploading up to 10 documents per fax, and the support file formats are PDF, DOC, and JPG.

This fax service securely sends all faxes via servers which are managed by certified engineers and secured by Gateway AntiVirus software.

Sends fax over an encrypted connection.

What’s not so Good?

This online fax service does not have an inbound fax service, rather it recommends either RingCentral or Faxage for that service.

Lacks features like document storage, a mobile app as well as support for software integration, no lifetime archiving with search capability of sent an received faxes. It does not allow editing and signing of documents on a mobile platform.


GotFreeFax is a free service, which you can use to send two faxes per day, each with a three-page maximum.

But be it as it may, this service’s pay-per-fax service comes with some pricing tiers depending on the page length.

  • 98 cents – Up to 10 pages
  • $1.98 – Up to 20 pages
  • $2.98 – Up to 30 pages

For the business prepaid services, it is priced per page and includes page credits that can be used at any tier and do not expire. No monthly subscription fee and this arrangement are ideal for companies that only have occasional faxing needs, but know they will fax documents in the future.

  • $.9.95 – 100-page credits
  • $19.95 – 300-page credits
  • $49.95 – 1,000 page credits.

Those who prefer this prepaid service also get access to the fax broadcasting feature, which allows for one fax to be sent to multiple recipients.

Customer Support

GotFreeFax has no phone support, but users can send an email to its customer support address, fax can be sent or fill out the contact form on its website or use the FAQs page to get the needed answers.

On the whole, GotFreeFax is an affordable free online fax service, a less expensive method of sending a fax, and a fax cover page devoid of annoying ads that limit its usefulness for business use.

It is a good fax service for low volume use, and even as a backup method to another service and to crown it all, the fax page credits have no expiration.


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