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Family Dollar Near Me;- Family Dollar is another American chain of discount variety stores, apparently, the second-largest chain of these kinds of stores in the U.S.  This Company was acquired by Dollar Tree, standing as the parent company in 2014.  After this incident, they relocated its headquarters from Charlotte, North Carolina to Chesapeake, Virginia.Family Dollar Near Me

It all started back in 1959 with Leon Levine, a 19-year-old entrepreneur. He first opened his first variety store in Charlotte. Afterward, he proceeded to open another store in South Carolina, with new stores in Georgia and Virginia. Furthermore, there are had 400 stores by 1981.

This family Dollar near Me gives you a clue on how to find the nearest family Dollar locations near me with ease. As well, you can also find out more about Family Dollar and how to obtain coupons with a solid discount.

Family Dollar Locations Near Me

Currently, there are 7,373 Family Dollar locations in the United States. Here are the following numbers of Family Dollar stores in each of the following American States.

  • Alabama: 160 stores
  • Arkansas: 109 stores
  • Arizona: 164 stores
  • California: 134 stores
  • Colorado: 127 stores
  • Connecticut: 57 stores
  • C.: 3 stores
  • Delaware: 29 stores
  • Florida: 594 stores
  • Georgia: 398 stores
  • Iowa: 31 stores
  • Idaho: 48 stores
  • Illinois: 220 stores
  • Indiana: 201 stores
  • Kansas: 56 stores
  • Kentucky: 220 stores
  • Louisiana: 326 stores
  • Massachusetts: 96 stores
  • Maryland: 98 stores
  • Maine: 55 stores
  • Michigan: 383 stores
  • Minnesota: 63 stores
  • Missouri: 107 stores
  • Mississippi: 156 stores
  • Montana: 14 stores
  • North Carolina: 456 stores
  • North Dakota: 23 stores
  • Nebraska: 37 stores
  • New Hampshire: 28 stores
  • New Jersey: 108 stores
  • Nevada: 46 stores
  • New Mexico: 129 stores
  • New York: 317 stores
  • Ohio: 471 stores
  • Oklahoma: 133 stores
  • Pennsylvania: 313 stores
  • Rhode Island: 29 stores
  • South Carolina: 242 stores
  • South Dakota: 28 stores
  • Tennessee: 220 stores
  • Texas: 1,045 stores
  • Utah: 58 stores
  • Virginia: 242 stores
  • Vermont: 13 stores
  • Wisconsin: 140 stores
  • West Virginia: 130 stores
  • Wyoming: 30 stores.
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Nevertheless, we won’t forget to give you the most popular Family Dollar locations in American cities. here are there: Chicago (IL), Phoenix (AZ), Tucson, Dallas (TX), Wichita (KS), Houston (TX), Columbus (GA), Waco (TX), Chester (PA), Camden (NJ), Hammond (IN), Springfield (IL), Warren (MI), Providence (RI), Nashville (TN), Albuquerque, Mesa (AZ), Winston Salem (NC), Allentown (PA), Philadelphia (PA), Worcester (MA), Tallahassee (FL), Racine (WI), Irving (TX), Corpus Christi (TX), Cheyenne (WY), Lynn (MA), Danville (VA), Bakersfield (CA), Wilmington (DE), Waterbury (CT), Elmira (NY), Gainesville (FL), Jacksonville (FL), Decatur (GA), Lowell (MA), Harlingen (TX), Amarillo (TX), Lubbock, Las Cruces, Longview (TX), Fort Wayne.

Amazingly, if you find yourself living in any of these above listed American states then you can easily find the nearest Family Dollar store. In order to locate Family Dollar near me, check out our map via this link,-71.903524&z=11&t=m&hl=en-GB&gl=US&mapclient=embed&q=family%20dollar%20near%20me.

So much more, it seems like locating Family Dollar near me using the map can really inconvenience me. There is actually another way to find Family Dollar near me using Zip code. Kindly follow the below link for the official locator page:

How to Find Family Dollar Near Me?

If you read the above paragraph, you must have seen the actual ways of finding Family Dollar near me. In that case, we have to move ahead to the guide we have made available for you. You should have a look at it to help you figure your way out if you encounter challenges using the map.

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View nearest locations near me on the Map. Simply study the map as we always recommend related issues on our website. You will notice as many red icons on the map which signifies the stores of this dollar shop chain around you.  If you did this, you have likely found the dollar shop chain around you.

Learn more info about a specific store.In order to check out for more info about a specific Family Dollar store, select the red mark of the store that interests you. Next, you will notice a small box from the left top corner of the map containing the store’s name, address, and the average rating on Google.

Save a store location to your Google account. You can equally save the location of a store to your Google account. To do that, select the store on the map (click the red icon of the store) and click on the “Save” button on the upper left corner of the map. Afterward, you will be able to access that store’s location in your Google Maps account at any time.

Create a route to a particular Family Dollar Store.In case you need a direction to a particular store, creating a route is very vital. You simply just need to select the store on the map and then click on the “Directions” button on the upper left corner of the map. Next, set your starting point and then choose a convenient route

Learn about the hours of a particular Family Dollar location.Of course, it is vital to know the hours of a particular Family store in case you want to visit. Simply click on the store and then navigate to the left part of the map where you get to see the hours of the store and some other information about that store.

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You must have read the above guide for finding the hours of a family dollar store. Of course, you shouldn’t expect the whole store chain of Family Dollars to open at the same time. So you have to follow the above guide to check out for specific store hours. However, we have common Family Dollar hours in the United States, check out for them:

  • Every day: from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
  • Monday to Saturday: from 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Sunday: from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
  • Every day: from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.


Ensure to take advantage of the Family Dollar deals as a regular customer and save yourself some money. The coupons could even lower the price of some products for you or get your products for free. Simple view the latest Family Dollar coupons via the below link

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