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Publix Near Me:- Publix supermarket is a chain of supermarkets owned by an American employee – George jerkins. The supermarket has more than 1,250 stores in most 12 southeastern United States.Publix Near Me

It all started back in 1930 when George Jerkins opened his first Publix Food store in a town called Winter Haven of Florida. Quickly enough, the store opens a second store in the same town by 1935 although this was the period of great Recession but then, they proved to be successful.

The supermarket brand started in 1959 when the store had experienced rapid growth and expansion. Then it moved beyond the state in 1991 when the first Publix was established in Savannah, Georgia. Today, Publix is among the largest retailers in the U.S and though, is featured on the Fortune 500 list.

However, Publix currently has more than 193,000 workers and headquartered in Lakeland, Florida.

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Of course, Publix near me is an amazing opportunity to find the closest Publix locations near me. In essence, this page will help you do that. In addition, we provisioned other useful information that you might be interested in such as actual Publix hours and obtainable Publix coupons.

Publix Locations Near Me

There are more than 1,250 Publix locations in 12 American states.  Below is the present number of Publix stores in each of the 12 states

  • Alabama: 77
  • Florida: 831
  • Georgia: 194
  • Illinois: 2
  • Kansas: 1
  • North Carolina: 46
  • New Jersey: 1
  • New York: 1
  • South Carolina: 64
  • Tennessee: 46
  • Virginia: 16
  • Washington:

The store location seems to be more on Florida or Georgia right? Let’s look at the most popular Publix locations in the following towns/cities: Alpharetta, Boynton Beach, Charlotte, Coral Springs, Fort Myers, Hollywood, Kennesaw, Largo, Miramar, Ocala, Palm Harbor, Pompano Beach, Sarasota, Stuart, The Villages, Atlanta, Bradenton, Delray Beach, Gainesville (Florida), Huntsville, Kissimmee, Lawrenceville, Naples, Orlando, Pembroke Pines, Port St. Lucie, Savannah, Suwanee, Vero Beach, Birmingham, Canton, Clermont, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa.

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However, when you stay around those above outlined American states and cities, you can easily find Publix locations near me. We also made the available maps in order to find Publix near me.  Check for the in the below page link,0&z=2&t=m&hl=en-GB&gl=US&mapclient=embed&q=publix%20near%20me.

Nevertheless, we thought of another way of finding the closest Publix grocery store aside using the map. Then we recommend you find Publix near me by zip code if the map is not convenient enough. You should visit the below page for you to access the official Publix website,  What you simply need to do is to enter your zip code, state, or city into the provided space and then click on “Search” afterward.  Now you will get to see the closest Publix stores.

How to Find Publix Near Me?

The above paragraph must have shown you a fairly easy way of finding Publix location near me. Now that we have provided you with the necessary means of locating the closest Publix grocery, we will further push into additional solutions to some challenges you may encounter using the map precisely.

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View the closest Publix locations near me.However, the best way to find these Publix locations is by observing the map.  There are many red signs on the map right? It all stands for the nearest Publix locations around you. You can also find Publix near me by zip code as we stated above.

Learn more information about a specific Publix grocery store.The map also allows you to find out basic info about a particular store of this chain. Just simply click on the store’s red mark if you are interested in knowing more details of a particular store. There comes a small tab from the left top corner of the map with contents such as the store’s name, address, and the rating.

Set up a route to a particular Publix Location.In case you don’t know how to reach a particular store of your interest, creating a route could be the best option. You should simply select the store on the map and then click on the “Directions” button at the top left side of the map. Next, specify the starting point of your journey and select the most convenient route.

Check the hours of a particular Publix store.Now that you have an idea of a close-by store of this chain, you could also go ahead to check for the specific hours. To do that, select the red mark of that store on the map. Eventually, you will see the hours of that store on the left side of the map with some other details of the store.

Save a specific Publix location with your Google Maps account.You can save the location of a particular Publix grocery store for later using your Google account. To that, select the red mark of that store on the map and click on the Save button.

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Publix Liquor store Near Me

The Publix Liquor store is also another interesting place to find simply by using you’re the below map link. In order to locate Publix liquor store near me, you should visit the below map link,-81.425696&z=11&t=m&hl=en-GB&gl=US&mapclient=embed&q=publix%20liquor%20near%20me.

Publix Hours

Here you can see the common Publix hours in the United States. Moreover, the store’s locations vary and will result in diverse store hours of this chain. You just simply need to follow the above guide to get specified store hours.

  • Every day: from 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Publix Coupons

Basically, there are various Publix grocery store coupons anytime you wish to visit. There are interesting deals which allow you to save money or even get products free. Let’s check out for the valid Publix coupons right on the below link.

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