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IKEA Near Me:-  IKEA is a multinational corporation established in Sweden and currently headquartered in the Netherlands.  This company designs and sells already made furniture and home items. In the whole sum, IKEA is known for cheap and easy-to-assemble stylish furniture.IKEA Near Me

It all started back in the year of 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad as a mail-order business. At the time this company was founded, Ingvar Kamprad was just 17 years old. He made his way into the market as of 1958 when he opened his first shop in Almhult. This was exactly after 5 years he bathed the idea. By 1969, the company already had stores in Norway and Denmark and later on, opened stores all over Europe.

So has it grown currently to 48 stores in the American market with the overall employees of 211,000 worldwide? This is great.

IKEA Near Me continues….

IKEA Near Me talks about how to find the nearest IKEA locations around me. Inline, you can as well check on the IKEA hours and the available coupons and deals. In all, this page is all about IKEA info. So stay put.

IKEA Locations Near Me

In particular, there are 48  locations in the United States and 433 locations worldwide. Below are the following American states:

  • Arizona: 1 store
  • California: 11 stores
  • Colorado: 1 store
  • Connecticut: 1 store
  • Florida: 6 stores
  • Georgia: 1 store
  • Illinois: 2 stores
  • Indiana: 1 store
  • Kansas: 1 store
  • Massachusetts: 1 store
  • Maryland: 3 stores
  • Michigan: 1 store
  • Minnesota: 2 stores
  • Missouri: 1 store
  • North Carolina: 1 store
  • New Jersey: 3 stores
  • New York: 3 stores
  • Ohio: 2 stores
  • Oregon: 1 store
  • Pennsylvania: 4 stores
  • Tennessee: 1 store
  • Texas: 4 stores
  • Utah: 1 store
  • Virginia: 1 store
  • Washington: 4 stores
  • Wisconsin: 1

Generally, you can as well find IKEA stores in the following countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Austria, Singapore, Netherlands, Spain, Iceland, France, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Kuwait, United States.

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There is also IKEA in the United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, Taiwan, Finland, Malaysia, China, Russia, Israel, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Romania, Cyprus, Ireland, Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, Thailand.

Others are; Macau, Lithuania, Puerto Rico, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Croatia, Indonesia, South Korea, Morocco, India, Latvia, Bahrain, and Estonia. New locations are also planned in Ukraine, Slovenia, Mexico, Chile, Philippines.

Also, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Vietnam, and Oman.

we won’t forget to provide you with the popular IKEA stores in the United States: American Canyon, Atlanta, Bloomington, Bolingbrook, Brooklyn, Burbank, Canton, Carson, Centennial, Charlotte, College Park, Columbus, Conshohocken. The others are Cordova, Costa Mesa, Covina, Draper, DuPont, Palo Alto, Elizabeth, Emeryville, Fishers, Frisco, Grand Prairie, Hayward.

Finally, Hicksville, Houston, Jacksonville, Merriam, Miami, New Haven, New York, Nottingham.

The rest are Oak Creek, Orlando, Paramus, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Renton, Round Rock, San Diego, Schaumburg, Spanaway, St. Louis, Stoughton, Sunrise, Tampa, Tempe, West Chester, Sacramento, and Woodbridge.

It is likely easier to find stores around you with ease. In other words, you can view the nearest IKEA locations near me on the map. You should visit the below link for the map https://www.ikea.com/ext/us/local-stores/. Nevertheless, there is another way to find the nearest IKEA store; by using a zipcode or city/town. This is very simple to do. Simply choose your location and town is you are going by city/town. The same goes to zip code, enter your zip into the provided field and click on “SEARCH” that is all.

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How to Find IKEA Near Me?

If you went through the above paragraph, you must have seen the basic ways you can easily find the nearest stores near you. In as much as this is simply, we still find some flops from some users. Certainly, difficulties may arise provided that they are additional features such as creating a route and lots more. Quickly let’s set the guide on the motion.

See the nearest locations near me on the map.We recommend you first study the map. Obviously enough you can recognize quite a number of red icons on the map, right? This is simply showing you the exact location of the stores. Now that you have had the idea of what the stores look like on the map, you can simply browse for the closest and convenient store near you anytime you want to visit.

Learn more info about a specific IKEA store.This is another feature you get trying to know more about a particular IKEA store around you. You can easily do this with the help of the map.  Simply select the store on the map by clicking the red sign. By the left top corner of the map lie the store’s name, address, and the average rating.

Create a route to a particular IKEA store. With the help of the map, you can reach a specific IKEA location by creating a route with the map. At first, select the store that you want to reach on the map. Click on the “Directions” button in the map’s left upper corner, following it with your starting point, and then choose a convenient route afterward. This guide will help you.

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View the hours of a specific IKEA location near me.Using the map, you can also check the hours of a particular store. In that case, select a specific store of your interest on the map. By the left side of the map, that is where you can find the store’s hours and some other contents of the store.

IKEA Hours

As long as there are so many locations of stores, it is probably going to vary in hours of operations. You can also check on the hours of a store following the above guide for specific store hours.  We made details of that which will require you to make use of the map.

IKEA Coupons

Moreover, you can take advantage of numerous deals and coupons at IKEA with the help of your coupons. Simply visit the below link for the latest IKEA coupons https://www.retailmenot.com/view/ikea.com.

IKEA Credit Card

IKEA actually offers a store credit card for its customers in the U.S. the credit card comes with a 5% reward rate for purchase at IKEA and a greater number of benefits. Hope this helped?

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