Facebook Ad Budget – Facebook Ad Delivery Optimization

Facebook Ad Budget – Facebook Ad Delivery Optimization

Facebook Ad Budget is all about how much you spend on your Facebook as a budget? Knowing the right budget to take is very important because it helps you to understand the type of budget to set for your Facebook Ad. It is a simple term of business that shows how you ran your plan through funding.Facebook Ad Budget

Budgeting for the Facebook ad is relatively cheap and costs less. This has made it the best business tool and strategy to use in this time social world. The major aim of making running an Ad is to create awareness (advert). Don’t you want to make your business known to the world? Make out time to set out a budget for your Facebook Ad.

If your mind creating a Facebook Ad budget, this guide will help out!

Facebook Ad Budget

Facebook Ad Budget- the amount of money that you would like to spend in order to create an ad on Facebook. To some, it is a control tool for your ad. The reason is that you make use of this tool to control and oversee your spending for Ads or your set of campaigns just like the way abiding strategy helps to control the cost per result.

However, Facebook offers you two different options for budgeting.

  • The first is; Daily Budget &
  • Lifetime Budget.

Daily Budget

The amount selected in this type is what will be used to deliver the ads every single day during the campaign. So when you set a daily budget, you are telling Facebook to schedule your daily result from your total budget.  Sometimes, if Facebook discovers high potential opportunities for any day, they spend up to 25% more than the daily budget. As you set your budget, it is drafted like a curve, setting out each day’s budget.


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Lifetime Budget

When you go for the lifetime budget, Facebook will divide the total campaign budget more or less throughout the ad campaign dates. When you set up a lifetime budget, Facebook will demand a date from you in order to calculate the average spends for each day.

Do you wish to go for a facebook budget? We recommend you go for a daily budget and also an unlimited Campaign period.

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Facebook Ad Delivery Optimization

In order to achieve a definite goal with your ad, Facebook Delivery Optimization was set out. So it is a simple logic that is used to optimize the delivery target of your ad. So when you are done setting your budget, then you will have to select the ad delivery optimization method that you want. The aim of the optimization is to know the goal in which you are most interested in. For instance; you will see something like

  • App installs objective. This is means that you want individuals to install the app you are advertising.
  • Another is if you want more people to convey to your site. it will require you to select the conversation objectively.

Campaign objective | Why you need a campaign

It is another phase of the steps in making facebook ad a reality. The campaign objective talks about the reasons why you run an Ad. In other words, it means the goal you wish to achieve with the aid.

List of Facebook Ad Campaign includes;

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Post Engagement
  • Page Likes
  • Event Responses
  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversions
  • Product Catalog Sales
  • Store visits

Ads Delivery

Ads Delivery- is another phase of the ad steps. The ad delivery supports just the below format in running your ad.

  • Standard Ad delivery.
  • Accelerated Ad delivery.

Ads Scheduling

Facebook also gives room for advertisers to schedule or customize their delivery schedule. In case you want to reach a set of people of your personal interest for instance, you can use Ads scheduling tool to pick time and weekdays you want Facebook to reach out to people.

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But it is advisable to use the “Run ads all the time” option when setting your Ad for the first time and probably change to a custom schedule.

Ads Placements

This talks about where to place your ad running in Facebook because it gives it a huge effect on the cost of advertising. On Facebook you can place your ads in the following places;

  • Desktop Newsfeed.
  • Mobile Newsfeed.
  • Right Hand Column.
  • Instant Articles.
  • In-Stream Videos.
  • Suggested Videos.
  • Marketplace. Others include
  • Instagram(Feed or story)
  • Facebook Audience Network (Native, Banner, and Interstitial, In-Stream Videos, Rewarded Videos.)
  • Messenger(Home, sponsored messages)

Campaign Bidding

Since there are lots of people competing within the business market and each wants to become the best. Ad bidding is capable of an auction basis. There are two types of Facebook ad bidding, they include Manual and Automatic bidding.

SO If you are the advertising world for the first time, the Automatic bidding is the best for you.

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