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Do you know that Facebook really cares about your business and could have noticed your experience during this global outbreak of COVID-19? Facebook really cares about those small businesses and guess what, they have something to say. Facebook has got an offer for small businesses and perhaps, Facebook Grants Program for Small Businesses could be the answer to the next level of your small business. It could be financial support though which can help you this challenging time, but we need to be sure of what they have to offer by the end of this article.

Facebook Grants

Facebook Grants Program for Small Businesses

No doubt, the global outbreak of COVID-19 has affected so many businesses. Most businesses must have had a hard time so far as they are trying to recover and stand firm again. But does facebook want to watch them fall back? This is can be explainable by the review of Facebook plans by setting out this program called a Facebook grant. Now small and big businesses are struggling but it seems the small businesses are really getting a wrong hard time. Remember this grant goes to small businesses and you can’t fold your hands and watch your business crumble. This is one of the reasons you should as a small business owner; apply for the Facebook Grants Program for Small Businesses.

Moreover, there are several benefits you can gain from this grant program for small businesses.   With no exaggeration, Facebook is offering a hundred million dollars cash and ads credit. This is to help and support small businesses. This offer is really a befitting one because it will help businesses to wax strong again. Come to think of, the ads offer which has the ability to promote your business and get you connected to new customers as well. Isn’t it worth it? In all things, there are couples of persons that are qualified to get it and this is not exempted. This is trying to say that there are qualifications for it.

What and which Businesses are qualified to apply for the Grant?

Before you step into the pool check what stirred it. What am I trying to say? You must find out if your business is eligible before you think of applying for the grants program. Here are the criteria for the Facebook Grants Program for small businesses.

  • Your Business should be a business of two to fifty employees.
  • They should be proof of the challenges you experienced due to the outbreak of COVID-19.
  • Your business must have at least lasted for over a year.
  • Lastly, you must be near or in a location where Facebook operates.

Now you have gotten the idea for the eligibility status of your business for the qualification of the Facebook Grants for small businesses, you should proceed to know more you should do for the application process.

How to check location eligibility

You can really apply for the grants program from anywhere in the world but is your current location eligible for it. This is why you need to check if your location is entitled to apply for the grants program as it, not for every location.

How to apply for the Facebook Grants program for Small Businesses

Follow the below steps to successfully apply for the Facebook Grants Program for Small Businesses.

  • Firstly, launch your web browser and visit the web link https://web.facebook.com/business/boost/grants?_rdc=1&_rdr on your internet-connected device.
  • Secondly, now scroll down and locate the “How do I apply?” section.
  • Thirdly, in that section, locate and click on the “See Eligible Areas and Apply” button

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