Optimize Website Speed – Tips to know about Website Speed Optimization

Full time, this article is going to be showing you how you can optimize website speed and all you need to know. In case you are in search of how to improve the speed of your website, then you have encountered the right article for help.Optimize Website Speed

Here will be showing you techniques to which you can optimize the website for speed. This is to help you manage the limited time you have so as to not keep your visitors pending of information on your website. One of the things visitors look out for is your website speed.

Optimize Website Speed

Getting to the aspect of website optimization, there are lots of benefits that goes beyond keeping users interested and engaged on your site, thus it will drag traffic to your favor. Now you should expect traffic from everywhere including search engines once you optimize your website speed. This also ranks you on search engines.

Thus, optimizing your website speed also produces a low bounce rate, higher organic traffic (search engine), and good users experience. This would bring more recommendations to your site by users and also through users; it gets spread over friends and social media.

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Reason for Speed Optimization

There are needs and importance on which you should optimize your website. There are three key factors we will look into the importance of speed optimization. They include visibility, conversion, and usability. These factors play a key role when it concerns the need for speed optimization.


You should have known that the way at which your site loads influences how your users easily find your content. However, Google is inconsiderate of the speed of your website while ranking websites to the top SERP. Thus, websites that perform poorly in user experience gets lesser promotion in the search result.


This is a key factor in the growth of your website. This simply means getting visitors to do what you want them to do. This implies that the faster at which your page loads, the higher your conversion rates would go. According to the Hubspot Research, one second of delay brings a seven percent decrease in conversion.



This involves website page speed, load time, and even website responsiveness. All these effects to users’ requests directly impact loyalty into their hearts. The law states that the better your website performance, the more satisfied users will become. Better user experience goes a long way to build a large customer base and a strong online brand.

Tips to know about Website Speed Optimization

Below are some tips you should take note of while optimizing your website speed.

  • Make use of Content Delivery Network
  • Optimize your image size.
  • Ensure you make use of the best host available.
  • Lessen the number of Plugins on your site.
  • The number of Script and CSS files on your host should be minimized.
  • Reduce the use of fonts on your web application.
  • Optimize your database in the Content Management System (CMS).
  • Reduce redirections on your pages and detect 404 errors.
  • Make use of prefetching techniques.
  • Also, implement the GZip compression algorithm.
  • Also, make use of website caching.


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