bandwidth internet speed test – speed test website that’s very simple to use

Here’s another way to check your internet bandwidth. If you’re looking for a reliable speed test for your internet. Bandwidth Place is an internet speed test website that’s very simple to use and works with both mobile and desktop web browsers.

With just one click, you can check the bandwidth of your connection against servers located across four continents. Bandwidth Place will automatically connect to a server that responds with the fastest ping, or you can manually choose one amongst the 20 that are available, and then save and share your results. This article offers a review of Bandwidth Place.


Pros of bandwidth internet speed test

  • Firstly, the website is very easy to use.
  • Secondly, utilizes HTML5 for better results.
  • Thirdly, works on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • You can pick a server to test or have one chosen for you.
  • Test results can be shared and downloaded.
  • Results are displayed live with a good-looking animated graphic

bandwidth internet speed test of bandwidth internet speed test

  • Can’t create an account to keep track of past results
  • Not nearly as many servers are available as there are with similar sites


Bandwidth Place is a reliable website to test your bandwidth if you’re only interested in the upload and download speed. Some internet speed test sites let you compare your results with other people in your country or other users of your ISP, but that’s not the case with Bandwidth Place.

Bandwidth Place is especially helpful if you need to check the bandwidth from a web browser that doesn’t support Flash or Java plugins, like from a phone or tablet. Some popular internet speed test sites, like, require those plugins for the speed test to work, but some web browsers don’t support them. Bandwidth Place, like SpeedOf.I and use HTML5 in place of such plugins, which is both more accurate with the test results as well as more versatile when it comes to devising compatibility.

More advanced bandwidth testing sites allow users to create an account to keep track of their past results. This comes in handy in circumstances like if you change the service you have with your ISP, so you can verify that your speeds actually changed. Bandwidth Place doesn’t support this, but you are able to save your results offline to an image file, which you can use to track your results over time. You can check out their site at to get started.


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