Network Analyzer ios – top apps that take advantage of Wi-Fi networking

Apple devices are known for their uniqueness and exclusive apps. Interaction with other operating systems is restricted and apps that are not in sync with their terms and conditions are not allowed in the iTunes store, hence the need for Network Analyzer ios.

For instance, many of the Wi-Fi Stumbler-style apps were popular for troubleshooting wireless networks because they scanned Wi-Fi nodes and could determine encryption types, channel, frequency, manufacturer, and more purged from the App Store because of their use of private APIs that access wireless information.

Nevertheless, exceptional apps that take advantage of Wi-Fi networking and iOS devices are out there and are well worth using. These Network Analyzer ios, available in Apple’s App Store, increase the usefulness, functionality, and versatility of personal wireless networks when connected to an iPhone, iPod Touch, and/or iPad. They include:

Photon Flash Browser

  1. Cloud Baby Monitor

Set an iOS device in a baby’s room, and use this app to remotely monitor streaming video and audio. The video option requires the device to have a camera and be connected to another iOS device over Wi-Fi. An Alert mode can also be configured to make phone calls to a preset number if the app detects movement.

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Additional features of Cloud Baby Monitor include a night light option and a few built-in lullaby songs.

  1. Net Master HD

Network administrators can use Net Master HD to scan a local network for information about connected devices. The app obtains client IP addresses, MAC addresses, and vendor names. It also supports typical administrative functions like ping, traceroute, and port scanning. A simple subnet calculator rounds out the features.

  1. PrintCentral

Printing from computers has always been error-prone and stressful to set up. PrintCentral is designed to greatly simplify the process for printing from iOS devices.

PrintCentral enables wireless printing direct to Wi-Fi capable printers, plus support for Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. Different versions of this app are available for iPad and iPhone/iTouch and a separate Pro version of each.

  1. NumPad Wireless Numeric Keypad

Unlike calculators and extended computer keyboards, most mobile computers don’t have 10-key support on their keyboards, which slows down people who need to do frequent data entry. NumPad allows an iOS device to serve as a 10-key wireless keyboard of another computer. The app supports OS X Screen Sharing and Remote Access to interface with Mac computers over Wi-Fi. It can also be set up to work similarly with Windows PCs through a remote desktop connection.

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Cost: Free with additional in-app purchases.

  1. Ping Analyzer & Graphical Network Ping

Ping Analyzer provides for iOS devices the traditional measurements of network ping tools for free including dropped packets, round-trip times, and jitter, in useful graphical representations.


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