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SOCIAL NETWORK. Social networking is the use of social media websites and apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to connect with family, friends, and people we share a common interest with. It allows us to reach people with similar interests and provide a great avenue for staying in touch with friends and family. The most popular social media websites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest.SOCIAL NETWORK - social media websites and apps

The different sites excite and attract particular users. Facebook however is a general SOCIAL NETWORK for almost everyone.

Social media can be educative, entertaining, and enjoyable. It is also an effective promotional and marketing tool for businesses, artists, and anyone in need of some exposure.

In joining Facebook, you may see other persons you already know on the platform, these persons you can add as friends. Continuous usage of the platform may inspire you to add more friends and persons who share your interests. Some other persons may find you on Facebook and seek to connect with you.

The more the interaction on social media, the more likely your network of friends and interests grow.

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There are some common elements associated with most social media sites and apps. The names in the different apps may be a little different but the functions are relatively the same.



All social networking sites and apps have their own specific features and programs. However certain elements and features are common to all or most of them. These features include

Your Public Profile

The public profile contains the account owner’s short bio. Basic information like address, birthday, college or schools attended, photo, and one’s interest are included in this section. A person can decide to make his profile personal or vague based on preference.


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Friends and Followers

These are persons you allow to access your profile. They are able to see your posts and photos and can interact with you through likes and comments. You are also able to see their photos and interact with their posts. Some persons enjoy large followings and getting as many friends as possible on Facebook. Others prefer a smaller, more intimate group of friends and followers to interact with.


Home Feed

Most social networking sites have some kind of homepage you see when you log on. The page usually displays a feed showing updates from friends and the public. Scrolling through the home feed shows what friends have been up to. You get to see their posts, pictures, and general activities.


Social networking groups provide a way for persons of like minds to identify themselves. In doing so they can come under a particular group or umbrella. They thus, tend to engage in discussions on certain related topics.

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