BEST FREE ONLINE PHOTO EDITORS – improve your images or photos.

FREE ONLINE PHOTO EDITORS are used in improving images or photographs. The following are some of the best free online editors out there:



PixIr is a free online photo editor with an easy interface. It supports a full-screen mode and it is simple to use. You can create your own custom workplace since the position of the tools, layers and settings are flexible.

It supports filters, layer styles, red-eye removal, clone stamp, magic wand selection, crop tool and image adjustments. Pixlr can be used to make a new image from a blank canvas, upload one from your computer, transfer it via its URL or browse the built-in stock gallery.

Resizing an image using Pixlr however can be tricky and a person has to download borders, fonts and stickers before using them.


Picozu is a photo editor with a clean, clear interface. It autosaves your work, so you won’t lose it. Common image editing tasks like cropping an image, adding text, adding shapes, colour filling, resizing the canvas and airbrushing are done here.

Picozu allows advanced features like applying dozen of filters, altering brush stroke settings, working with layers, tolerance, changing hardness, flow and type of brush used.

Images can be saved in TIFF and PDF format.


This photo editor has an intuitive interface and shares images directly to Facebook. All items in the menu are accessible from the side of the screen. The images here can be overlaid, wrinkles removed, colours balanced, layers managed and collages built.

iPiccy allows a person to create an image from scratch. Already existing images can be edited from the computer, webcam or a remote URL.


With this online photo editor, you can enhance an image with just a click. A person can also apply particular changes to a photo by choosing any of the specific editing tasks. Fotor supports tools like cropping, editing of curves, changing temperature, altering brightness, saturation and tint. Effects such as cool, vintage, black, white. Classic and colour splash can be applied, as well as adding borders, text and stickers to an image.

The images can be loaded from your computer, Dropbox or Facebook account, and pictures are saved as JPG or PNG. Fotor is Ad-supported and some of the tools here work only if you create a free account.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

This online photo editor has a nice interface and it is super easy to use. The two menu items are Decorate and Edit. Basic editing tools like saturation changes and red-eye removal are supported here. Image adjustments and effects like a burn, hue. White balance and tint changes are also used in this editor.

Furthermore, Adobe Photoshop Express Editor lets you add bubbles, stickers, text, costumes, frames and more to an image. It supports a full-screen mode and images are saved only in JPG format.


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