EFFECTIVE ONLINE PHOTO EDITORS – improve or retouch your photos

No matter how good a photo is, it can still be improved or retouched in some way. The following list some of the most effective online photo editors available:EFFECTIVE ONLINE PHOTO EDITORS - improve or retouch your photos


This is a free online image editor with lots of editing functions. The basic editing tools include resize tool, saturation, hue, crop, brightness, rotate, contrast, sharpness, and more. There are tons of effects to choose from and also lots of retouch tools such as blemish removal, slimming feature, red-eye removal, spray tan tool, and mascara painter.

PhotoCat has lots of frames and textures, text tools, and lots of comment bubbles that can be applied to an image. The editor compares the original photo against the edited version and the edited work is either saved as JPG or PNG.

Using this editor requires Flash and photos edited can be shared on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.


The Best Photo Editing Software for 2022 | PCMag

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The world’s best image editing software adds mind-blowing neural filters, automatic sky replacement, and even better selection tools.

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16 Best Paid and Free Photo Editors Online in 2021 – Shopify

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Good photography enhances the perceived value of your products. Here are 16 top paid and free photo editors online to make your photos stand

The 19 Best Free Online Photo Editors – Format

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Are you looking to improve your photographs but unsure which online photo editor to use? We’ve created a handy guide to help you decide …

The best free photo editors for PC in 2022: Adobe alternatives

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Fotor is a free photo editor that’s ideal for giving your pictures a boost quickly. If there’s a specific area of retouching you need doing with, …


Photopea is an advanced online photo editor that lets you work with layers, supports popular file formats, and includes many photoshop-like tools. The editor has a selection tool, patch tool, clone tool, move tool, gradient tool, sharpen tool, blur tool, smudge tool, text tool, spot healing tool, brush, various shapes, filters, and more.

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With Photopea, you do not require a Flash, and photos can be gotten via URL, taken from a webcam, or from a file on your computer. Edited work can be saved in various formats including PSD, JPG, GIF, SUG, PDF, PPM, ICO, TIFF, and PNG.

The editor is Ad-supported, though a premium membership can save you the hassle of such Ads.


This editor allows you to quickly edit photos. It has lots of ways to improve and enhance an image. Cropping, rotating, color change, sharpening the image. Text settings and more are carried out here.

With the effects tool, you can instantly apply a vignette, sepia, black and white, tilt-shift and others to the image. The images can be imported directly from the computer or Facebook. Frames and texture buttons in this editor can also change an image here without much effort from you.

Images edited can be transferred to Dropbox or Facebook. Editor.Pho.to is Ad-supported.


piZap is an image editor and collage maker with several useful tools. Images can be uploaded from your computer, Dropbox, or Facebook account or you can start with a blank canvas. The editor can adjust the hue and saturation of a photo, add regular and glittered text, overlay multiple images, crop an image, paint with a brush. Add shapes as well as a cutout tool for creating stickers from images.

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Edited photos can be shared directly over social media sites or downloaded as PNG or JPG. To use Pizap, a person would have to sign up for a free account. The premium version exports high-quality images compared to the free.