How To Avoid Facebook Marketplace Fake Buyers

The Facebook marketplace is one of the best places to sell used items, old junks and also buy electronics at a very cheap price. Unfortunately, there are people who are ready and willing to cheat you or rob you. As a seller here are some tips on how to avoid the Facebook marketplace, fake buyers. I will be giving you some tips on how to buy and sell safely in the marketplace.How To Avoid Facebook Marketplace Fake Buyers

How To Avoid Facebook Marketplace Fake Buyers

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How To Avoid Facebook Marketplace Fake Buyers

Below are some steps you can take to sell safely on the marketplace
Learn more about the person: one benefit of the Facebook marketplace is that you must have a Facebook account before you can buy and sell on the platform. Facebook offers you the opportunity to view the person’s profile before you can fix a meeting point. Checking the buyer profile will help you to determine if the person is legit or a scammer. the person must have a good market place rating before you can go further with the transaction. In addition, ensure that the person stays within your locality.How To Avoid Facebook Marketplace Fake Buyers

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Fake accounts — Counterfeit items — fake copies of expensive products being sold as the real deal; Gift card scams — scammers ask to be paid in gift cards

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Buyer beware: Scammers have set up shop on Facebook. Here’s how to avoidfalling victim to some common Facebook Marketplace scams.

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Scammers use sneaky tricks like counterfeit emails and diverted shipments to steal your money and your stuff when you sell things online.

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Do Not Accept Overpayment. One noticeable scam is when you sell an item only to see your buyer has overpaid. This could appear legitimate, as the buyer could …

Meet the buyer in a safe location: it’s recommended that you meet up with someone in from the marketplace who wants to buy from you at a public place. Never meet at someone’s house. Except you want to get robbed. Make sure your meeting point is a public place like a police station or coffee shop. Tell a friend or relative the place where you planned to meet or you go with someone to watch your back.
• The exchange at the same time: always exchange the money and the item at the same time, don’t give someone an item to make payment later. You should accept cash payment immediately or the person can choose to use electronic wire transfer or any other money other solution. However, ensure that you confirm your payment before handing over the item to the person.
Report any buyer that is a scammer: if you have found out that someone is on the marketplace to scam another user. Please kindly report the person to Facebook. This will help in putting a stop to fraudulent activities on Facebook.

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             How to Report A Facebook Marketplace Fake Buyers

  • Go to the Facebook official page.
    • Click on the marketplace at the top left
    •  Then click selling
    • Go and select the message between you and the buyer. If you have marked the listing as sold then click on show listings.
    • Click on the three dots at the top right message.
    • Select Report Buyer.

Furthermore, there are cases where the person may be fast to block you before you can report the person. Simply ask a trusted friend to help you out using the report link. Also, note that when ere reporting someone you must provide details to prove your claims.

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Facebook Marketplace Fake Buyers

As a seller here are some tips on how to avoid the Facebook marketplace, fake buyers. I will be giving you some tips on how to buy and sell safely.

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