VSP Direct Individual Vision Insurance

Do you know that VSP Direct gives individual vision insurance to individuals who wear contact lenses and glasses? So if you normally wear contact lenses or glasses and at the moment have not signed up with your employer’s vision insurance, you can now get it from VSP Direct.VSP Direct Individual Vision Insurance

All you need to do is to sign up for this service with VSP Direct and get the very best quality vision benefits as well as employer benefit plans. Wow! Quite interesting. However, if you do not get a vision insurance plan for your eyes from any source when you have a risk of an eye problem in the future, you may be doing all the expenses by yourself.

Interestingly, VSP offers her clients the most affordable individual vision care and benefits.  This is so affordable that even an average client of theirs can save up to $200 yearly. The lowest plan costs $17 per month and it covers the same benefits employer vision plans cover such as frames, lenses, contacts, eye exams and more.

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VSP Direct

VSP Vision Insurance Plans | Coverage for Individuals & Groups

https://www.vsp.com › vision-insurance-plans

Join VSP through our Individual Vision Plans or your employer’s coverage. No matter your life stage, VSP has an affordable, customized plan for you.

VSP Vision Care | Vision Insurance


With VSP, your vision care comes first. We’re committed to providing you with the best choices in eye doctors and eyeglasses, all while saving you hundreds!

Find Individual Vision Plan | Eye Health | VSP

https://www.vsp.com › retirement-options › find-indivi…

Need a plan for your retirement? VSP Individual Vision Plans have you covered. · Regular eye exam to detect and monitor eye and other health conditions · Coverage

Getting Started with an Individual Vision Plan

https://www.vsp.com › eyewear-wellness › eye-on-vsp

VSP Value · I Bought an Individual Vision Plan, Now What? · Contact Lenses · Eyewear, Lenses, and LASIK · VSP Value · Eye Diseases and Conditions · Frames and …

You have a 100% assurance to trust VSP Direct because it is the only national eye vision company that is not for profit while it has the largest network of eye doctors. The program has more than 60 million members who benefit from it at their affordable prices. This means that you have nothing to worry about or be skeptical at all.

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Also, they have a website VSPDirect.com.  You can learn more about their plans by accessing the website with your Zip Code in the Find A Plan section. Once you enroll your Zip Code, you will see coverage options. Choose the plan that best suits you.

There are plans for singles, 2 persons and complete family plans.  The site as well as details about what to expect from each plan you may choose.

However, before making any application, it is very important to carefully review what others say about their services especially people who have has access to them.  Also, review your budget and what you can afford to avoid running into debt. When you finish your review and find a good reason to apply, you can apply online and make your payment with whatever card you want. That’s how to get vision insurance with VSP Direct.

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After application and payment as a new member, you will get your plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is necessary in case you decide to change your mind about their products or services. But in a situation that you enjoy using the products, you will keep getting them monthly at the initial price you agreed to pay. Shipping is free.

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