Sunwest Federal Credit Union – Online Banking to your individual account

Are you a Sunwest Federal Credit Union member?

Do you know that you can use the credit union’s online banking services to gain access to your individual bank account? It is called online banking; a situation that you can access your entire bank details online. These include checking your account balance, paying bills, transferring money to other bank accounts, and lots more. You can do all of the above without visiting the bank. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with an internet connection. Members will as well need their User ID and Password to access the online portal.

Sunwest Federal Credit Union

If you are interested in joining the credit union, you must meet certain requirements. The requirements include; you must be a resident, be employed, attend a school, or attend a church within Maricopa County/the city of Tucson, Arizona. Also, immediate family members of current Sunwest members can join. A new member of the Sunwest Federal Credit Union can sign up for an online service. To do so, they will go to At the website, click on the Enroll Now link and supply the details they will demand including your bank member ID number and social security number.

Additionally, once you log into your account successfully, you can view your profile and all your account details. Your account details here include your account balance, pending ACH transactions, message center for receiving correspondence from the credit union, investment details, and many more. You can maneuver the details here just the same way you do with your computer screen. You are free to enjoy all the online banking features from your account.

Members of the Sunwest Federal Credit Union

Also, can apply for loans directly from their online accounts. On the site, you will see different loan types the bank offers. This Sunwest Federal Credit Union has a credit card called Sunwest Federal Credit Union Credit Card. Members can apply for this card and use it.

Furthermore, you can add alert features, electronic notifications. Online bill pay, 1099-INT Notifications, electronic statements, and a lot of other features. You can perform a lot of functions that a real teller. Furthermore, can do right from the comfort of your home by just logging into your account. This is a great way of managing your financial details by yourself. It saves your time and energy and gives you all the convenience you deserve. Whenever you have a question or a challenge, call customer service to help you out. Their number is written on the left-hand side of the website.

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