Direct Mail Marketing – 3 Dos and Don’ts if you are considering Direct Mail Marketing

There is no doubt saying that the business world of today has drastically shifted to a more efficient, cheaper, and quicker globe for electronic communication. The question is, “doest direct mail marketing the best? Here is an overview.Direct Mail Marketing

You need to be guided properly if you are going to do direct mail

Could direct mail campaigns be the best weapon in your arsenal? But before you pursue the idea of a mail marketing campaign, you should also want to consider our tips to see the reasons why your business should go for an electronic marketing strategy or not. See to our basic principles……

The Dos…

  1. The rule of 40/40/20.

This is the most important rule to follow as though it requires dependent factors caused by marketing effort. The factors stand for 40% coming from the effective mailing list, the other 40% coming from how appealing and compelling your offer is, and the left 20% comes from your effective delivery, date, method, the images you have chosen, design, and every other thing.


Do not waste much time processing the best design

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Often time, the fault lies over here. It should be that fewer efforts are placed when undertaking a direct marketing campaign. But most business involves inordinate timing to produce an eye-catching design, having in mind that it will pull attention. Yet they rush to put together the offer to send it. It is a marketing campaign error.

Who is your audience? Make more emphasis in defining your audience

Unless you have limitless pockets, you simply don’t need to send marketing campaigns to some average set of persons who seems above the target.

However, having a targeted audience makes you spend less time making or sending a deal and having a great report. This makes you spend less time in design, copy, delivery methods, postage rates, date of delivery, and size of the smaller just because of a well-organized list coupled with an amazing offer. With this, you will be able to achieve the 40/40/20 rule knowing full well how important audience and offer could be.

  1. Examine the Market (test-run)

Now we land back to the first 40 of rule 40/40/20. The best way to confirm if your targeted list is truly working to have a test run. Most importantly, this is to those who run a big business in a large city, knowing that they have competitors. In a situation like this, you just need to select a small area to test the market out. We encourage you to start small to determine the effectiveness and as well as the ROI. Also, try other small areas to measure the most effective audience. This lets you determine how you can now send it wide

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Note: ensure while test running the cities to play along with a change of one variable per test. This lets you know how much change has occurred.

  1. Make a Great Call to Action

What this step is trying to comply with is about your presentation. How impressive and eye-catching is your business brand? It could be of advertisement, promotion. This completes the second 40 of the 40/40/20 rule.   Though, this is quite expensive, and time-consuming, making it hard to successfully track metrics to gamer simple impressions.

Here come the Don’ts

  1. Forget not to Follow up

At the end of every transaction based on your pace of mail, you can track it in many ways such as via coupon codes, and so on to track it easily. Thereafter, it poses you to the pace of re-engaging with those customers that you were able to successfully transact. As simple as sending a thank you note can create a bond to your mail marketing.

  1. Forget not to Drive Traffic Online

In as much as you focused on mail marketing, but never forget to drive as much traffic other than direct mail marketing. Most online sales with coupon codes on social media to encourage people.

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