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If you’re looking for a free email marketing software for your business, you need to try Group Mail. Group Mail serves very well when targeting a small crowd. In other words, Group Mail Free is perfect if you need to send personalized messages and email marketing campaigns to a smaller group of recipients.

Group Mail Free is not so suitable for larger mailings, though, and lacks an internal SMTP server as well as database connectivity. This article will provide a detailed review of Group Mail, you will get to know the features and how to maximize them for your benefit.

Group Mail Free Features


  • Group Mail Free offers flexible mail merging options.
  • Lists can be filtered nicely in Group Mail Free.
  • Group Mail Free is easy to use and offers a powerful message editor.
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  • Group Mail Free cannot process incoming mail and does not connect to external databases.
  • Lacking an internal SMTP engine, Group Mail Free must rely on your ISP’s mail server.
  • Group Mail Free imposes a maximum of 100 recipients per mailing.


  • Group Mail Free sends bulk emails through an external SMTP server (max. 100 recipients per sending).
  • Powerful mail merge and list filtering capabilities provide flexible mailings in Group Mail Free.
  • You can send plain text and HTML messages with international character support from Group Mail Free.
  • Imports from a comma-separated list or Windows/Outlook/Netscape/AOL address books.
  • Group Mail Free supports custom headers and keeps detailed logs.
  • Plug-ins are available that deliver mail through Outlook or any MAPI compliant email client.
  • Integration with Group Metrics makes tracking open and comprehensively click rates easy.
  • Group Mail Free supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista.


Email marketing is only effective if it is personalized. So bulk email software needs flexible mail merge capabilities. Group Mail Free has them, and it has powerful list filtering for further targeting, too. These excellent personalization tools are at the heart of an almost complete bulk email package.

The only major feature missing is incoming mail handling to automate bounced mail processing, for example. Apart from that, Group Mail Free is well equipped.

Group Mail Free is very easy to use and always guides you to the right next step, which might be creating a template in the powerful HTML editor, setting up a group, or specifying a filter to control who gets the message. With all the advanced features of Group Mail Free, this usually leads to excellent and professional-looking output — at a price that’s hard to beat.

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Of course, some advanced features are missing from the basic Group Mail package, most prominently direct-to-recipient mail delivery, and database connectivity.

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