Reset Router Password – How To Reset Your Router Username And Password

Let’s log on to our router! The procedure seems to be very complicated most times and this poses a major challenge to a lot of individuals out there. The question is how we can get this done. It is true that a lot of devices come with default login credentials but this hasn’t addressed the overwhelming problems of the global world. This article is aimed at enlightening you on the router authentication and Reset Router Password procedures for the most prominent ISPs.Reset Router Password

Reset Router Password For Most prominent ISPs of 2020

Comcast Xfinity

Now stick around this article and get the below tips

  1. Identify your router or devices
  2. Locate the IP address for your router
  3. Connect to your router
  4. Examine the default username and password
  5. Procedure to factory reset

 Identify Your Router or Device

One most prominent thing to note here is that we ought to know or understand what we’re working with. The ISPs provide subscribers with a lot of utilities of a modem and router simultaneously. Modems are connected to various homes with the ISPs to give internet service, and the router’s most specific function is to disseminate that connection with the devices on your network.

Be mindful of the router model, by giving it a very interesting outlook. you may decide to look for any sticker that might have identifying details.

Locate the IP address for your router:

For you to locate the IP address of your router, you are expected to login via the gateway. On this ground, most times the ISPs use their own router management software to support their customers in adjusting the network settings. A typical example of this is as stated in the below table.

ISP                     =            login Address

Comcast Xfinity     >

Charter spectrum      > 192.168.01

Verizon Fios            >

AT&T U-verse        >

Altice Optimum online >

CenturyLink Internet   >

Connect your Router

Now to this, since you have seen the above table and able to identify your router, then you can now open up your browser and visit the address according to your respective router.

Examine the default username and password

Right from the production of every router from an ISP, they will definitely come with a default username and password. You can catch your router’s username and password from the below table. This will guide you for the appropriate information to log into your router.

Comcast XfinityUsername: admin

Password: password

Charter SpectrumUsername: userPassword: user
AT&T U-verseSmart Home Manager
Cox Internetadmin/password
Altice Optimum OnlineOptimum Online Credentials
Frontier Fios/Frontier InternetLogin varies; Check device



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