Create a LinkedIn Business Page | Create A Business Page In Linkedin

Create a LinkedIn business page that guarantees you a platform where you can get your products, brands, job offers, and services to the world’s professional community coverage. The platform enables you to conduct search information and evaluation and at the same time market your company.Create a LinkedIn Business Page | Create A Business Page In Linkedin

This enables employees to act as indirect company ambassadors. Below we will look into how you can create a business page on LinkedIn, the advantages of creating a business account on the business page and what is required for you to create a LinkedIn business page.

Simple Advantages of creating a LinkedIn Business Page

    • The LinkedIn business app grants you access to post and respond to the post.
    • You can share PowerPoint, PDFs and Word Docs through your page.
    • You can link your page with hashtags.
    • You are given the opportunity to engage your people and re-share your employee’s best LinkedIn posts.
    • You can decide the content that you want to trend over your audience, and also grow your business.
    • You can monitor your activity by taking advantage of visual analytics.
    • You can drive specific functions using its customizable call-to-action feature.
    • With the help of “Elevate”, you can expand and boost your audience reach so as to get more traffic on your page.
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Create a LinkedIn Business Page

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How Do I Create a LinkedIn Business Page? (Requirements for creating a LinkedIn Business Page)

  • You must present your personal LinkedIn profile bearing your first and last name.
  • Your profile must be up to seven days and above old.
  • Ensure you don’t have any other existing page on the LinkedIn platform.
  • The profile level/strength needed is at least intermediate or all-star.
  • You must be a current employee of the company. Like-wise, your position should be listed in the experience section of your profile.
  • The company’s email account should be exclusive to the company.
  • There must be several connections to your profile.
  • You are not allowed to use a domain to create a company page for more than a time.
  • A company email address should be inclusive and confirmed on your LinkedIn account.
  • com and are some kinds of the domain which are included in one company and they cannot be used to create a company page.
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How to add a Business Page

  • Move to the homepage and navigate over to “interest” and select “Companies”.
  • Afterward, select “create” under the “create a company page” section just on the right side of your screen.
  • Enter your company’s official name and valid email address.
  • Hit on the “continue” tab and then enter your company’s details.

You need to add a description of your company if then you want to successfully publish your company’s page. If then you want to include that, there are criteria that you must obey. While adding a description, it must at least have about 250 and 2000 characters with spaces and a company website URL.

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