Best Way on How to Format C Drive in Windows?

First and famous, C Drive in Windows is a partition upon which windows and other operating system is installed on. Now the act of formatting the C Drive is what we will look into right in this article. Thus, because this process is not really straight forward, this is why we have come to help out in finding other dimensions through which you can format a drive outside windows installation.How to Format C Drive in Windows

This, in particular, is meant for those who are in search of means to format C drive so as to reinstall Windows.

How to Format C Drive from Windows Setup Disc

You can get a disc or flash drive to perform formatting.

  • You need to insert windows setup disc
  • Restart your system
  • Type in your BIOS to change the boot method to make sure the computer starts from the disc.
  • Click on the “Language” option on the installation interface.
  • Wait to see the format option and then you click.

Format C drive From a System Repair Disc

Try out this method in case you were not able to access the windows installation media. You can get a working copy of windows 10, 8 and 7, and then create a system recovery drive and then format C from there.

  • Boot to system recovery Drive by changing the Bios and restarting your computer.
  • Pick the option that says “Command Prompt” from the recovery option.
  • Key in “format c: /fs: nts” and then click on the “Enter” key.
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Also, note that this setup does not exist as C drive; so ensure you are formatting the appropriate drive.

Wipe C through DiskGenius WinPE

This is disk freeware that disk partition and also formats Ext4 partition.

Create Bootable Disk for DiskGenius WinPE

  • Connect the USB drive to your PC
  • Open up DiskGenius
  • Select the USB flash drive form software
  • Click on the “tools” option.
  • Select “Create a WinPE bootable USB drive of DiskGenius” option.
  • Click on “press” form the pop-up instruction.
  • If you are done, then get ready to restart the system to format the C drive.
  • Move to Bios to change booting settings so that it will boot from the USB device.
  • Locate the “C drive” tab on the DiskGenius WinPE version.
  • Click on the “format” option from the tool menu.
  • Setup the files system type.
  • You can now press on the “format” button.
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Format the Drive Using Data Destruction Software

However, this software on a full ground destroys all data on the drive. Thus, it takes the system back to the way it was after leaving the hard drive factory. This option is totally meant to clear the drive in case you want to wipe the drive permanently.

Format C Using Diagnostic & Repair Tool

However, there are several bootable CD/DVD diagnostic and repair tools that are designed by computer enthusiasts to wipe C when you don’t know access to windows install media and a newer version of windows to create a repair disc.

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