Chromebook passwords and Google passwords go hand in hand, they are mostly regarded as the same becausechanging your Chromebook password requires you to change your Google account password, and also you can only use a single password for all Google-connected devices and services. Changing your Chromebook password is done on any phone, tablet, and computer. That is logged into your Google account

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Start by opening a new Chrome browser window. Select your profile photo in the upper-right, then select Google Account. Select Sign-in & …

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Steps to Change Chromebook Password · Launch Chrome. … · Select your profile picture in the upper right corner. · Select Google Account. · Select Sign-in & security …

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Welcome to the Chromebook Help Community. Unfortunately, you cannot create separate passwords for your ChromebookThe one and only password

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Click the“Time” tab in thebottom-right corner of the screen. · 2. Select the gear icon — this will prompt a window to open. · 3. Click on ” …

Changing your password, therefore, changes your Google account key because the next time you attempt to use any Google service or device, you will have to log in with the new password.

Changing password via Chromebook entails:

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Secondly, Select your profile picture in the upper right corner
  3. Thirdly, Select Manage Your Google Account
  4. Select Security on the left pane
  5. Move to Sign in to Google section
  6. Select Password
  7. Enter your current password and select Next
  8. Enter two-factor authentication code if prompted
  9. Finally, Enter the new password, confirm the new password, then select CHANGE PASSWORD

Changing Google password with another device would mean that you may need to enter your old password to log into your Chromebook. Once logged in, the Chromebook syncs with your Google account, and then the new password becomes active.

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Failure to remember the old password means you may have to powerwash and return the Chromebook to original factory settings because you will not be able to log in.


Two-factor authentication is a security feature that can prevent anyone from logging into your Google account or Chromebook without your permission. Changing your password regularly is a great way to stay safe, but enabling two-factor authentication is a sure better way. The two-factor authentication is referred to as two-step verification for Google. When it is turned on, you provide your phone number and Google sends you a text message with a code every time you log into your account on a new device. No one can log in without the code.

Enabling the two-step verification for Chrome entails:

  1. Firstly, Launch Chrome
  2. Secondly, Select your profile picture in the upper right corner
  3. Thirdly, Select Manage Your Google Account
  4. Select Security
  5. Scroll to the signing into Google section
  6. Select 2-step verification
  7. Select Get Started
  8. Enter your password and select Next
  9. Select the device to receive security prompts from Google
  10. Select Yes from the device you selected
  11. You can add a backup by selecting Use Another Backup Option or enter your phone number
  12. Enter the received code and select Next
  13. Lastly, Select Turn On to complete the process
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Write down or print your backup codes so as to keep them safe. They can be used to bypass the text message system just in case you lose access to your phone.

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