There is a certain TWITTER LANGUAGE that a new Twitter user may not easily grasp their meanings. Such Twitter languages and keywords are explained below:


Firstly, This TWITTER LANGUAGE refers to other individual users on Twitter. It is combined with a username and inserted into tweets to the individual or to send them a public image. When @ precedes a username, it immediately gets linked to that user’s profile page.

Speak the language of Twitter – Twitter Help Center

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When you want to mention someone in your Tweet, just type @ and we’ll show you suggestions from your following and follower list. For all the hot Twitter lingo, …

Glossary – Twitter Help Center

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A cash tag is a company ticker symbol preceded by the U.S. dollar sign, e.g. $TWTR. When you click on a cash tag, you’ll see other Tweets mentioning that same …

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Here are some of the most popular Twitter slang terms you should know. … While known as the pound key on your phone, on Twitter, …

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Top 100+ Twitter Abbreviations and Lingo Guide | Webopedia

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This Twitter Dictionary offers a list of top slang words and … help you understand Twitter chat, Twitter abbreviations, and Twitter slang.


Secondly, These are messages not sent to everyone following you, they are private messages, specifically sent to a user following you. To do this, you click on the “message” menu on Twitter’s website and then tap on “new message” to send a direct message.


It is a feature that allows you to mark a tweet as a favourite to easily see it later. These are especially with tweets you may want to engage with it. It is done by clicking the “Favourite” link next to a star icon beneath any tweet you plan to interact with later.


This is the username selected by using Twitter. It must contain fewer than fifteen characters. Each Twitter handle has a unique URL, with the handle added after twitter.com. An example is http//twitter.com/username

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These are collections of Twitter accounts or usernames and can be created by anyone. Anyone can follow a Twitter list with one click and see a stream of all the tweets sent by everyone on that list.


This is a tweet that includes a reference to any Twitter user by placing the @symbol in front of their handle or username. Twitter tracks mention of users when the @symbol is included in the message.


A modified tweet is a retweet that has been altered from the original. A person may decide to shorten a tweet and retweet it. On doing this, you add an MT or MRT to signify the change.


Twitter messages that businesses or companies have paid to promote so they appear at the top of Twitter’s search results are referred to as promoted tweets.


This is a 5-digit phone number that people use to send and receive tweets by SMS text messages on mobile phones.

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A subtweet is a tweet written about a particular person. It, however, doesn’t make a direct reference or mention of the person written about. People who know them well will be able to tell that the tweet is about that particular person or individuals.


The Twitter TOS or terms of service is a legal document every user must accept when opening or creating a Twitter account. It states the responsibilities and rights for users on the social messaging service.

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