Anytime a person gives out his or her email address, he stands at the risk of receiving unwanted emails. When a person hands out his email address, spammers and fraudsters, and sometimes scammers may start working towards getting access to the email address.

While email addresses are convenient for communicating with people one wants to stay in touch with, others you are not so keen on keeping in touch with can also sometimes have access to you including pushy salespeople, spammers, and scammers.

Many sites though, require that you provide an email address to function. Not providing an email address could reduce your shopping or banking activities. To sign up for services, shops, and newsletters online without giving your real email address, you can use a disposable email address. The temporary address forwards all messages to your main address. In signing up for anything on the web with a disposable email address, you do not use your real email address but an alias of it.

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Every alias is specifically created for a mailing list, and the disposable email address becomes associated with it.

Disposable email address requires that you have control over who you give your aliases to. You make a real address available if you want visitors to contact you do through email. When spam gets in, it is easily spotted out because every disposable email address is given only to one site associated with it; such mails are to be disabled immediately.


A disposable email address is an email account that you set up for those times when you need a valid email address but don’t want to give out your primary email.

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The number one reason many persons use disposable email address is to avoid having their primary email address become a target for spam.

Spam (unsolicited and unwanted email) is a significant problem on the internet.

Using a disposable email address allows you to register with a valid address, but it does not clog up your real email address with junk mail or emails because the disposable email address absorbs all the spam.

However, disposable email should not be used for finance-related issues. They should not also be used on sites that contain sensitive information about a person because many disposable email addresses do not require that you have a password to access the disposable email inbox. There are several disposable email providers, these include:

  • com: This provider allows the use of multiple real addresses
  • Spamgourment: They make use of trusted senders and watchwords
  • GishPuppy: This disposable email service provider set aliases to expire automatically
  • org: This is best when you need an email address just once
  • Spamex: Thay work on most platforms, providing up to 500 addresses
  • Mailinator: They allow for temporary emails; emails disappear after a few hours.

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