Unique Selling Proposition – How to Write a Unique Selling Proposition – USP

What differentiates your business, products, or even service is a unique selling proposition. It can as well be called a unique selling position. This is what distinguishes your business as a better choice, backed up by reasons why clients should choose you over other competitors.Unique Selling Proposition

Thus, USP can come as marketing tools that help achieve goals and to ensure that every bit of your strategy is unique over the competitors.

What we classify best as the first and famous steps you need to take for a unique selling proposition is first;

Have a review over your mission statement, business plan, market analysis, and the general business goals.

Afterward, review what your business is into. Make use of direct and concrete sentences that will best answer the question of what your business offers/sells.

For instance, are you into buying and selling of clothing bags? You could pick questions like; what products are you selling, what is your target audience like, the good norm of your business services, the goal you have over every customer, etc.

What do I do next?

You have to pick or identify a customer’s problem and give an explanation of how you can resolve the problem with the help of products and services.

What exactly made your services and products different from others as it gives better solutions than other competitors. This is where it comes in as “it stands as the reason why your customers will choose you instead”. It could be that your delivery within one day or something related which can convince visitors over your product than other competitors instead.

Now you make way to the “promise” paragraph.

This is the most crucial part of the proposition. It gives the pathway to the previous steps that have made. This is where the trust and value of your company lays. Everything about USP is to ensure that you keep in line with your customer’s needs. Thus, it’s a promise that you are making to your customers. For instance, fret at 24/7 delivery service, concerns about the delivery timing in making sure customer’s orders are always safe and fast.

Does USP work?

If you have a working USP, it is ideal for to you work in alignment with it, allow it to be run by others in your company, or create a focus group to measure the impact it has. A good USP can be a source of your traffic as it is an integral element of your marketing toolbox.


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