How to Write to Your Card Company About Closing Your Credit Card

How to write to your card company about closing your credit card

There are a number of unwritten ways of closing your credit card if you’ve decided to do so.  When you write to your credit card company, you have an advantage of tangible evidence or proof showing or staying your earlier request to close your card. For an effective or faster way of doing this, call your customers’ service number to have your account closed before your written document gets to them. The written document staying your request for card closure will be used for future reference in case of denial that a request wasn’t sent.

The destination of your written note

Don’t send your letter to the same address that you send your credit card payments. Most credit card issuers have a separate mailing address for correspondence. Check a recent copy of your credit card statement for the correct address. You also will be able to get the correct address from your online statement or by calling your card issuer’s customer service number found on the back of your credit card. Verify that you have the correct address before mailing your letter.

After account closure, the bills and other payments to be made | How to write to your card company about closing your credit card

Billing reports will regularly be sent to you when you close your credit on the bases of your remaining balance. Since your account is closed, you will be declined from making any form of purchases or transactions with the card when it’s closed and you’re also expected to continue with the minimum payment until the balance is completely paid. An increase in your monthly payment will foster a quick full balance payment.

How to write to your card company about closing your credit card

An example of a written note/letter for Closing Your Credit Card

Here is an example of what to be written or expected in a written note /letter stating your desire to close a credit. It’s not mandatory for you to state reasons why you want to close the account, what is required is for you to simply request an account closure. How to Handle An Accidentally Missed Credit Card Payment

Make sure you replace the bold information with your personal and account information. You can customize your own letter, too, Regardless of how you want to put your writing together, ensure that your basic information like your name, billing address, and account number are clearly stated for easy identification of your account by your card company.

Usually, there a number card company sends when mails are sent to them it’s called a tracking number. is a website that you can use to enter this tracking number to help you know or verify if your credit card company has received your letter.

A format for writing a letter for account closure include


Your Name


City, State Zip

Name of Creditor


City, State Zip Code

Re: Account Number: Account Number (or Last Four)

Dear Sir or Madam:

On (date) I made a request through the phone to have my account closed. This letter confirms that request. Any updates to my credit report should reflect the account was closed at my request.

Please send confirmation the account was closed.


Your Name


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