Google Analytics on WordPress | Drive Traffic to Your Website with Google Analytics

Google Analytics On WordPress

What is Google Analytics all about? How can I add Google Analytics to WordPress? And so many other related questions which you can think of. This is exactly what we are going to be talking about right in this article.Google Analytics on WordPress | Drive Traffic to Your Website with Google Analytics

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Google Analytics includes advanced features to complement stats. Funnel reports help you track the path visitors take through your site, and goal

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The tool allows you to track many interactions between your website and visitors. Let’s review some more of the specific types of reporting

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As a result, Google Analytics offers statistics such as the number of visitors to your website, the number of sessions each user completes

Google Analytics on WordPress is a key important factor that helps to keep you informed on the activities on your website. This software feeds you with the necessary happenings such as showing you the part of your site that is getting it wrong or right so that you can make amendments to those areas

This equally allows you to analyze your web traffic. This is simply done by adding a piece of JavaScript code to your website so that google can have access in other to track the activities of visitors coming to your site. Afterward, the data will be collected and presented as a forum of statistics into your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics on WordPress

This equally helps you to answer some questions which you will like to know so as to derive the next strategy to take while improving your site.

These questions include; who visits your website? How do people find your website? When do people visit your website? What do people do when they visit your website? How do people interact with your content?

  • Who visits your website?

This software allows you to see the geographical and technical information concerning your audience, the kind of browser they made use of while they visited your website, language, JavaScript support, flash support, screen resolution, and many more.

This information is very important if you really want to grow your site to the highest pick; especially while deciding the custom design. Thus this will be used to make sure that your site will be compatible with your audience.

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While scaling through the report, you will find out that most of your audience doesn’t have flash support and for that reason, you will not add the flash element to your site. Still, looking into the screen resolution, cross-check to the corresponding resolution and make changes so that your design will be compatible with the resolution of your audience.

  • How do people find your Website?

This will show you how often people visit your website maybe through search engines, direct links, and referral links from other sites. This will break down the statistics by showing you the source of every effort on your website. In case it is coming from the search engine, it will show you the percentage and the search engine that got the highest traffic.

Now on the side of the referral link, this indicates to you the sites you need to put more effort into to make it work most. For instance, if your highest referral source is Facebook, then you need to have a special Facebook content to make Facebook audience keep visiting. Or in case it is an external website, then you might also want to consider being in partnership with such websites.

  • When do people visit your website?

This software enables you to know accurately when visitors visit your website by the month, week, hour and day. By so doing, it will help you to channel your post to the appropriate trimming to suit your visitors visiting time.

  • What do People do when they are on your website?

This will help to show you the relationship between you and your audience; what they do on your website. With this, you get to find out the number of pages they looked at, things they did while on your page, time spent and the bounce rate. It also indicates the number of visitors that left after scaling through one page or articles so that you can detect content that visitors often lunge for.

How To Setup Google Analytics On WordPress?

For you to be able to connect this software to your site, you ought to sign up. Follow down the below steps to sign up on this platform.

  • Move to Google Analytics Homepage
  • Use your Google account if you have one already or click on the “Sign up” button if you don’t have.
  • On that note follow the procedures to sign up.
  • Once you sign in with your Gmail account, you will be taken to another page by default
  • Afterward, you have to sign up for Google Analytics with your Gmail account. For those that don’t have Google account yet, You can create a Google Account here.
  • Select between the website and mobile app.
  • Ensure you select “website” and then type in the account name. This name is what will appear as your profile name for the web page.
  • Click on the “Get Tracking ID” widget. Scale through the terms and services and agree. The results will still appear in your Google Webmaster Tool.
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Congratulations! You have successfully set up Google Analytics in WordPress if you followed the above steps.

How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress

There are several ways to which you can set up Google Analytics in WordPress. Below are the steps to follow in these three methods.

Step 1

  • Google Analytics for WordPress through Monster Insights.


This step, in particular, has become the most used and popular method for Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. Thus, over 1 million websites make use of it including Bloomberg, PlayStation, Zillion and more. This has remained the easiest and best way to add Google Analytics to WordPress. In case you are a beginner, I will recommend this because it is quite easier and understandable. Not just for beginners alone, including experts, also makes use of this.

Monster insight has a free version and a premium paid plugin. In case you want more advanced features such as E-commerce tracking Ads Tracking, Author tracking, etc, you need the PRO version of Monster Insights

We will show the free version of monster insight

  • At first, you ought to install your monster insights plugin. To do that, go plugin.
  • Click on Add new. Now search for it by name and you will find it by name.
  • Click on “Install Now” to download it to your site.
  • When it is done, activate it.
  • As long as the plugin is installed, you will see a new menu item call insight on your dashboard, click on it so as to get to the settings menu.
  • Now click on “Authenticate with your Google account”. By default, this will take you to the Google Analytics page. You now decide to sign in when you are ready. Select the account you want to use for tracking.
  • As long as you log in, Google Analytics will request permission for your WordPress so as to access your data. But it is important you allow it to work and afterward you select the profile you want to track.

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