How to Translate a Website with Google Translate

Do you know that you can also read a foreign language on a website in your own native language? So if you want to read a foreign language website in your native language just note then that Google Translate can help you with that. As the case may be, it stands that you can also do this in an entire website with the language of your choice and as well even change languages as you browse.Google Translate

Tips: Google Translate

Unlike other online translation tools, Google Translate is not as ideal as we may want. This is because it does have a good reputation for accuracy, but can never make a mistake in translating any word.

Oftentimes, people use this but quite well on caution. You will enjoy this when it comes to casual browsing of websites. For instance; if you are on an experiment on how and what a website will look like in Chinese, then you will get want you want but be very careful in relying on Google Translate in regards to anything official.

Are you ready to start Google translate? Then you should consider following the below steps simultaneously as directed. At first,

  1. Boot your device and Open a web browser.
  2. Navigate to This does not require a Google account as you have thought otherwise. The essence is because it is for free.
  3. The next step is where the journey starts. On the left side of your screen, type in the entire URL (at most the HTTP:// format) of the website to which you want to view.
  4. Look towards the right, you will see a bar to choose the language that you want to see the website in.
  5. Finally, click on Translate.


As soon as the translated website appears you can browse the entire website in the scale of the selected language in the translation setup. I will show you some certain other things that happen when you click on the site as long as you stay with the Google Translate user interface. The Translate toolbar at the top enables you to do a couple of other things like;

  • You can change the translation language on the fly VIA the <To drop-down menu>.
  • Secondly, if you want to view it, you can toggle back and forth between the translated website and the site in its original language.

N/B: Google translate does not translate all words especially Phrases. It only translates the ideal actual text on a page. Also, text in the form of images cannot be translated.


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