Credit Card Balance: Getting Rid of your Credit Card Balance

When you have a high credit card balance, it has the potential of negative effects or impact on your finances and your credit ratings.

One of the negative impacts of high credit card balances is the hindrances it brings towards obtaining loans and approval for the subsequent requests of other credit cards. Most credit card companies would charge a high-interest rate even if you’re approved with a

high credit card balance. So better still you maintain a low Balance and avoid higher interest card balance

There are three ways you can pay off your high credit card balance, they are outlined below

Put the use of your credit card on hold

You can imagine trying to save some money and then you are spending it also, that’s exactly what it means paying off your credit card and using the card as well. You can not do both activities at the same time. The use of your credit card has to stop for you to effectively pay off your credit card balance or else you will remain on debt.

Stop depending on your credit card for purchases

For you not to depend on your credit card for purchases, it simply means that you have the responsibility of making sure your transaction, spendings are below your income. You can take a bold step in closing the card to avoid usage of it but note that when you close a credit card with a balance it can affect your credit score, so it is more beneficial than you reduce your credit card balance instead of a close of the card.

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Late payments fees should be totally avoided and return payment fees added to your account can fasten the payment of your balance.

A lower interest rate credit card is a better option

In paying off your credit card balance The interest rate charged has a significant function to it. The higher the interest rate you’re charged, the higher the monthly finance charges. Transfer your balance to a credit card with a 0% interest rate and totally avoid any interest in paying off your credit card balance.

Usually, credit card companies provide at least a 0% balance transfer credit card. There is usually a benefit of free payment of interest for at least six months when cardholders are approved and make transfer their balance to their credit cards.

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Note that the 0% APR is just for a while so make maximum use of a balance transfer and pay off your balance in the companies’ promotional period. New purchases with the credit should totally be avoided.

Your payment should be huge

The minimum payment you’re at least required to make by your card company is not all the payment you are to make. It’s just a way of making sure customers have good credit ratings and also a way to make customers avoid late payments fees

For you to effectively deal with a high credit card balance, you have to always make a huge payment toward your balance.

In as much as dealing or solving the issue of high credit card balances does not come cheap, one’s stability and consistency in paying beyond the minimum amount will fasten the paying off the credit card balance.


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