Home Depot credit card login online at homedepot.com/mycard

In America today, home depot is a household name with over 2000 stores across the United state. It is into the sale/retails of building materials and home items that that will help improve your Home. The home depot home improvement store gives you the best in price but you can maximize your purchase by using the Home Depot credit card.


When your signup with Home Depot credit card, you are sure of several perks and benefits than when you make a purchase with other cards out there. With this card, you will not have to pay any interest in full within 6 months for any purchase you make that is up to $299 or more. You just need an Average credit score to get this great card.

You won’t have to pay any interest in full for the period of 12 months for the purchase of building materials that is not less than $5000, heating and air conditioner (Minimum purchase of $299), water treatment (minimum purchase of $299), outdoor (minimum purchase of $899).

With Home Depot credit card, no annual fee is charged, No cash Advance APR, you will not have to pay any Cash Advance Fee for up to 25 days after the closing of the billing cycle.

Late Payment comes with late payment fee of up to $35. Purchase APR is 17.99%, 21.99%, 25.99%, or 26.99% pending on the outcome of your credit rating.

Home Depot credit card Login at homedepot.com/mycard

The steps below will guide you on how to log in your home depot credit card online with ease.

  • Launch your browser and visit the Home Depot card homepage homedepot.com/mycard
  • Click the Sign In button and enter your correct User ID and password correctly
  • Next, click the “Sign In”  You can choose to check the “Remember My ID” button for your future login when you are using your own device.

With this, you will be directed your home depot credit card account dashboard.

Forgot Password

You will be denied access to your account if you enter the wrong password. To reset your password, visit the login page again and click the login button. Enter the data that you are asked to enter. With that, you will be shown the page where you will have to reset your password.

How to Apply for the Home Depot Credit Card

Before I take you the credit card signup page, let us talk about the requirements


To be eligible for Home Depot Credit Card, users must:

Be at least 18 years of age

Provide a valid Photo ID number and Social Security Number

Enrollment Process For homedepot.com/mycard

  • Then visit the official home of home depot card at homedepot.com/mycard
  • Click on sign up and enter the following details: Email address, Name, Suffix (eg. Mr, Mrs, etc…)Home address, Apt. /suite number, City, State, Zipcode, Home phone number.
  • Next, enter your Annual salary and wages, other annual income, Residence status (choose ‘own’, ‘rent’, or ‘other’), Monthly mortgage or rent payment and more.
  • You then enter Date of birth, SSN, Driver’s license or Photo ID number and other.
  • Choose if you want the paperless statement and letter.
  • Check the terms of the service box and click Sign Up to complete your home depot credit card enrollment.

What This Card Can Do For You

With Home Depot credit card users can do a whole lot;

  • You can do your online pay any time with any device at your convenience
  • Pay your bills with ease
  • There are lots of exclusive offers for all on this card
  • You can easily track your account activities online
  • Users have the option of activating account alert from their online account.