GLOBAL CARE RX – How to place an order on Global Care Rx

Indeed this is a Global Pharmacy because you can purposely order for every single bite of what you any (Medication) with your prescription refilling. Global Care RX has been up and doing to be able to deliver medications for people online. But there is all a physical store where you can also purchase from. There are lots of features on their online store such as a medical team that you can communicate with for better prescriptions and likewise.GLOBAL CARE RX – How to place an order on Global Care Rx


Just as the name, Global Care Rx, it is a global medical company with licensed pharmacies all over Canada and around the world and most importantly, at the lowest prices. In order to fix things right, they work with other licensed pharmacies in Turkey, UK, India, and Mauritius so as to arrive at high-quality medications for people worldwide.


Sign up for Global Care Rx and enjoy quality purchases from the online store of this pharmacy. You will have to follow the below steps and sign up for the platform.

  • Visit the Global Care RX site com.
  • Locate by the top right corner of the page the sign in Link.
  • Find the “Create new account” tab and hit on it.
  • The following information is to be provided.
    1. Fill in your Email.
    2. Fill in a Password.
    3. Enter the password again.
    4. first name,
    5. last name,
    6. date of birth,
    7. phone number,
    8. address,
    9. region,
    10. city,
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  • Now tick the checkbox to confirm you agreed to the authorization agreement.
  • Next, click on Register.
  • If there is a need t fill in other health profile information, then proceed to that.

You could see that the sign is very simple as you never though right?

    1. Global Care Rx

How to Order – Global Care Rx › howto_order

To place an order online, simply follow these steps: 1. Find your medication be entering the brand or generic drug name. 2. Select your dosage and quantity from …

Global Care Rx

All orders are backed with a 100% Price Match Guarantee. If you find the same product at a lower price, let us know and we will match it! Buy all of your …

Refill your prescriptions – Global Care Rx › refill

You may place your prescription refill order online by logging into your online account, or you may call us to place your refill order at 1-888-487-3440.

New order – Global Care Rx › neworder

If you wish to place your order over the phone, you may do so by calling toll-free 1-888-487-3440. Global Care Rx has over 2,000 prescriptions and over the

How to place an order on Global Care Rx

The ordering service is quite easy to use in case you want to place an order and you don’t know how to go about it. In placing orders, there are different methods you can use and there are specifically three; they are:

  • Order Online
  • Two, Order by phone.
  • Order by Mail/Fax.
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Order Online

Using the first method, the order online, you can take this step for it.

  • Search for your medication by entering the brand or drug name.
  • Select the dosage and quantity from the item listing and click to add to cart.
  • Open your cart from the top right corner and click on continue checkout.
  • After you have completed your online order, send a copy of the prescription.

Order by Phone

Placing an order can be done via the phone service and it is available for free. Simply contact the Toll-Free number of GloballCareRX at 1-88-487-3440

An order made by Mail/Fax

Placing an order by Mail/fax will require you to download the order form, fill it and send the filled form and prescription via toll-free fax to the company’s official address.


For each medication that carries the Rx symbol while placing an order on Global Care Rx will require a prescription from a doctor to order it, or else it will be reported as self-medication

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GLOBAL CARE RX Payment Method

There are a set of payment methods that are acceptable in Global Care Rx and they are:

  • Credit card.
  • Automatic bank withdrawals.
  • Personal check.
  • International money order.
  • E-check.

GLOBAL CARE RX Shipping Charge

For each and every order you place, there is a shipping charge attached to it. It is about $9.99. All orders you make have a shipping fee of about $9.99. Don’t forget to order for your three months supply at once as it will save and reduce expenses such as additional shipping charges.


Shipping to any destination outside Canada and the United States are found to have a separate standard fee of about $19.95

Moreover, anytime you have an item supplied or invalid, they accept back and refund you back within 1-2 weeks rate to your provided bank.

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