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Mobile Photography is taking over. People are taking more pictures now than they used to, thanks to the ever-growing megapixel of mobile phone cameras. Are you a mobile photographer? Are you among those that take selfies per minute or you just love capturing every moment? Organizing and finding a particular picture from your endless snaps can be tiring at times. But this Roll App will help you in ways you will love.

Roll App comes from the photo social network EyeEm. EyeEm is a global community and marketplace for photography. The EyeEm community includes upwards of 17 million photographers and 70 million images. The platform is definitely different than Instagram but similar as far as the social aspects. On Instagram, you will be hard-pressed to find amazing images because you would have to sift through celebrities and memes. EyeEm’s focus from the beginning has been to showcase the quality of work and the photographers. EyeEm has partnered with many photography communities since its inception.

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The Roll App

Getting Started With The Roll App

The Roll app helps you filter through all your photos easily. Currently, The Roll is only for iOS but it is slated for release on Android soon.

The Roll aims to replace your existing camera roll and eliminate endless scrolling. All it takes is a tap to quickly organize thousands of your images and find your best ones. It’s that easy!

The Roll tags your images, groups them by topics, location, and events, with the best shot based on those categories. If you have photos that you have taken in sequence, for example, The Roll stacks them, then scores them based on aesthetics. You will be able to see the score (1-100), keywords, and metadata.

How Do You Replace Your Native Camera App?

The Roll app is set to replace your native camera roll because of its pretty awesome technology. Once you open the app, it asks you to gain access to your photos.  Once that is completed then it begins to start tagging, categorizing, and ranking. The time it takes to filter through the native camera roll alone is overwhelming for anyone and specifically for those shooters who shoot at high volumes. This app helps alleviate that for you by finding your best photos and also your best photos within categories and tags. EyeEm’s database contains 20,000 keywords so be rest assured all your photos will be covered.

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Roll App will help you take better pictures. Photos that are under or overexposed, noise, etc are all filtered and scored accordingly. Your best image from any sequence is brought to the top. This can help you decide on what you would like to share and post and also delete and save space as well. Visit your mobile store to download both EyeEm (iOS / Android) and the Roll App now!


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