Login to Patient Accounts

Login to Patient Accounts

Do you have health services you pay for, but they are not covered by your health insurance? You can make a payment on these health services at www.patientsaccounts.net.  Once you are able to access the web portal, you can view your account details and make payments without charges in the website. Login to Patient AccountsThe online account is open 24/7 and patients can access it from whatever location they are as long as they have a smart device and internet connection. Navigating through the website is very easy as there are a lot of features to help you do so.

Did you just get a mail about health services you have enjoyed but are not covered by your health care provider? You can make personal payment on the services with your Patient Accounts.  Get detailed information from a Patient accounts representative before you start making any online payments. Know all the services you are paying for before paying for them. Check for a phone number on the billing statement you got through mail. You can call the number to speak to an agent about the services you are paying for.

Login to Patient Accounts

After logging into your account, you will see your non-covered charges. To log in, click on the “Login “ feature on top of the homepage. Supply your account number, access code and the last 4 digits of your social security number to access your account. After logging in, you will see all the services you are being charged for, your balance details, dates of service, and description of service.

In the Patients account online platform, you can easily make your payments and they will reflect on your account immediately. This is very fast and easier when compared to paying through email. You can pay with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or any other option you feel like. Patients can as well pay through phone or mailing in a check or money order. To pay by mail, use the phone number and address you have on your billing statement.

In your billing statement, you will see a customer care number that you can call in case you have questions you need answers to. You can ask questions about the charges and why your insurance did not cover those services. Patients can make inquiries about payment arrangements. You can reach an agreement with the Billing Department on how you are going to pay the bills. They can allow you to pay a certain amount monthly until you finish your payments.

The Patient Accounts online portal helps patients to have access to the services that their insurance did not cover as well as how to pay for those services. If you already received a billing statement through mail, you can proceed to the website above to make your payment.


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