FREE SYSTEM INFORMATION TOOLS – details about the hardware

System information tools are software programs that gather details about the hardware of a computer system. These details or information help in keeping tabs on the temperature of the computer’s important components. The information is helpful to anyone working on your computer. They include information on operating systems, drives, RAM, and several others. Some of these tools can be used for free. They include:FREE SYSTEM INFORMATION TOOLS - details about the hardware


Firstly, Speecy is one favorite free system information tools with a well-designed layout to provide all the information needed. Detailed information is shown on lots of components. It has a summary page that gives a brief, but important information on the operating system of a computer, the graphics, memory, and storage devices.

Also, a person can copy text out of the program and results can be shared via the web and exported to a file. The program works with all versions of Windows, it is portable though hasn’t been updated since 2008.

Free PC Audit

Free PC Audit is a system information utility that is easy to read and use. It is completely portable with with a small download size. Reports here can be saved as a simple text file and information on motherboard, printers, and memory can be seen. On display is the Windows product key and ID, a list of installed softwares, and all the currently running processes.

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System Spec is a freeware system information utility that produces a specification of your system’s hardware and software. With System Spec you can see, save

HWiNFO – Free System Information, Monitoring and Diagnostics

Free Hardware Analysis, Monitoring and Reporting. In-depth Hardware Information, Real-Time System Monitoring, Reporting & more.

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Here are 26 best free system information viewer software to view detailed information about hardware and software installed. All these software are free.

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Knowing hardware and software details about your PC can be a necessity. Here’s a list of the best system information software for your PC.

10 Tools To Check Every Hardware Detail Of Your Computer › Microsoft › Windows

We present a few free tools which can be used to check every hardware detail … in Windows is the built-in Windows System Information T

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Belarc Advisor

This tool provides basic information on memory, drives, processors, operating systems, and users. The program runs quickly, listing all the security updates missed by Windows. Results here can be viewed in a single web page and the program is quick to download. The setup file is small and it doesn’t try to install additional programs during setup.

However, the program doesn’t have a summary page and it has to be installed to the computer.

PC Wizard 2015

This is the most informative system information tool. A summary of everything can be seen in one section. Information found here includes not only the basic and advanced information on internal and external hardware but also useful operating system details. The program supports the copying and exporting of results.

The buttons however aren’t labeled and so it can be confusing and the program tries to install other programs during set up. It is installed on Windows operating system.


Next, this is a free system information tool that shows the information on numerous devices and other parts of the system. It thus reveals detailed information on computer hardware. Information from every category is summarized on one page. Live monitoring shows the temperature and current usage of various components. The program can be used without installation though it functions as a demo program.

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Lastly, this is one easy-to-use tool. The information it gives is well detailed. A sensor status window monitors the current and average speed of the hard drive, memory, and CPU. A one-page summary of the system’s details is available. Report files can be made for the system components and an automatic reporting that sends an alarm when a sensor exceeds a specific threshold can be set up. This program however is not as detailed as the others.