How To Clone A Hard Drive

How To Clone A Hard Drive

Cloning of hard drive is the process of creating the exact direct copy of your original hard drive on a new hard drive. The cloned hard drive is identical to the original hard drive to the last detail. All directory documents, operating systems, desktop files, and drivers will be created in the cloned drive as it is verbatim in the original drive. This is very important when you want to replace your old drive or upgrade to a drive with more capacity. The importance of cloning your hard drive cannot be overemphasized, some of them include:

  1. Upgrade your hard disk from an old smaller disk to a large new disk without losing any data
  2. Migrate all data instantly
  1. Recover lost data from a damaged disk or PC

All other back up techniques are technically difficult, complicated and time-consuming but the most convenient means of cloning your hard drive is using a data recovery software. You can make use of EaseUS data recovery software or EaseUS free data recovery software.

How To Clone A Hard Drive

Before you start to Clone A Hard Drive, there a few pre-requisites that you must look after:

  • There should be enough capacity of the target disk so that it can accommodate all the data from the original disk
  • You first need to download backup software that can easily be found online for free. There are also other software or external hard drives that can be purchased to create a clone.
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Once you have downloaded and installed the software or purchased an external drive, follow the guidelines below to create a clone:

  • Once you have downloaded the software, the software or your external hard drive will give you prompts and guidelines automatically
  • Click the “Clone Disk” option under the Clone option
  • Then you will be asked to select your source or original disk that you want to clone
  • After you have made a selection for source disk, select the destination disk where you want your clone to be created
  • Finally, confirm all your settings option and click “Start Clone”

Depending on the size of your original disk, this can take a few minutes to an hour. Once the clone has been made, you can click “Finish” to complete the process.

Kindly note that, once you have created a clone. Any changes to the date will only be visible in the original drive, not the cloned drive, to reflect changes on the clone; you need to schedule a time to make new clones for your original drive.

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How To Use Free And Pro Easeus Data Recovery Software

Cloning a hard drive is a precautionary step, but what can one do if they have lost the data and haven’t made their hard drive’s clone? Then Ease US Data Recovery Software is the solution to your problem. This software allows you to retrieve lost data from your PC, removable device or laptop if it is accidentally deleted or formatted. You recover your data in following easy steps:

  • Visit the following web address to access the data recovery software of EaseUS:
  • Click the link was given that says “Free Download” to download the free version of the EaseUS free data recovery software.
  • Once the software has downloaded, launch it on your device.
  • Then hit the “Scan” button to scan your device
  • Once the scanning is down, you will be able to recover your lost files.

To enjoy the exclusive features of the Ease US data recovery software, you can get the “Pro” version by clicking the link “Upgrade” to purchase the pro version.


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