Myflorida Access Florida,  Bridge For Your Children’s Assistance

Have you been thinking of getting the facility to foot your children’s school fees or health bills? You know how heartbreaking it can be when you really want to give your children the best but cannot afford it. Or even your sick parent’s medical issues.

Well,  you don’t have to worry anymore as Myflorida Access Florida provides assistance through government and other local community partner agencies to ease life for parents. These agencies also assist Department of Children and Families to provide a bridge to public service facilities in the state.

MyFlorida Access also provides information about various Assistance Programs available in the city; like Food Assistance Programs, Medical Assistance Programs, and Temporary Cash assistance for families with children, General program information, and Federal Non-Discrimination Posters.

Just a click on gives you access to these facilities. Follow the steps below and sign up to access the help you’ve been looking for.

Myflorida Access Florida Login

Create an account at MyFlorida Access Login now by simply following the steps below:

  • Open the following URL in your web browser
  • You have now accessed Florida Department of Children and Families’ official homepage
  • At the middle right of the page will be a heading “Online Account” beneath which will be an option “ My Access Account”, click that option
  • You will then be taken to a new page with the heading “Your gateway to My Access Account”
  • Then click “Register Now” option under the heading My Access Account in left-hand center of the page
  • My Access terms and conditions page will appear, after reading the terms and conditions, check the box at the end to acknowledge it and click “Continue”
  • Then Personal Case and Information Page will appear, enter you personally and case information and click “Continue”
  • You will be taken to the verification page, answer the verification questions and click “Continue”
  • Final step is the Security Setup page, select username, and password and enter your email address
  • Select security questions and provide answers and click “Continue” to complete registration
  • Click on the Login button at the final page, enter username and password to access your account
  • Once you have successfully logged in into the system, you can choose to log out at any time