Windows Defender Security Center Review

Every computer system running on  Windows 10 OS has windows defender security for protection against viruses, malware, and spyware. Most people choose to have a third party anti-virus installed. However, it’s important that we know that the windows defender security center is perfectly good for defending against digital threats.Windows Defender Security Center Review

In this windows defender security center review, I will discuss the additional protection and adequate features that windows defender security center can provide. We will see what the center can offer and how to access the key features. Therefore, you don’t need to spend money on buying other security software.

Windows Defender Security Center Review

Meaning of Windows Defender Security Center

This is an anti-malware, virus for Microsoft Windows 10. it main function is to monitor the security and maintenance status of the computer against virus, spyware malware. It notifies the user of any problem with computer security and also when an antivirus program is not up to date.


In addition,  the window security defender center normally comes with a new Windows 10 computer system as the default antivirus program. Therefore, once you install third-party antivirus software, the windows defender security center becomes the secondary antivirus program.

Windows Defender Security Center Review

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How To Acces The Windows Security Center On  Windows 10

You can access the security center in two ways either you search for it via the search box or by using the security icon in the desktop system tray menu.

To Access Windows Defender Through The Search Bar

  • Locate the search bar at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • On the space type “Windows Defender Security Center”.
  • Press the Enter keyand then select  “Windows Defender Security Center” form the search result.

How to Access Windows Defender through the System Tray

  • At the bottom left corner of desktop’s screen click on the Arrowfacing up.
  • This will take you to the main dashboard of the windows defender security center.
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Windows Defender Security Center Review

There are many reviews on the windows defender security center and they have spoken well about the center. But the big issue is that many users of Windows 10 don’t believe that windows defender can protect them against virus threats.

The big question is why do people still spend extra money on buying other security products? Windows defender may be good enough for you to rely on depending on the type of device you are using. For instance, it works perfectly fine on Microsoft devices.

Also,  if you are not a heavy internet user and do not expose your computer to too many dangers like file transfer from external devices etc.  in contrast to any of these, it advisable to install another third-party security software.

Windows Security Center And Other Third-Party Antivirus  Programs

In this windows security center review, we see the basic difference between the windows defender and other antivirus programs. Firstly, the center does not require any form of installation because it comes pre-installed on any windows 10 OS. Also, you don’t need to pay for any subscription because its a free service from Microsoft. Unlike other paid subscription antivirus programs. Windows 10 users have access to all the center features provided your n windows 10 is updated.

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Secondly, the windows security center offers you some security features which another antivirus program may not be all to offer you. For instance, the center has Dynamic lock settings, windows Hello, Secure boot and a fresh start, etc.

the center ‘s Dynamic lock settings allow users to pair a mobile device with their PC through  Bluetooth. This will help you to lock your PC with your phone from a far distance.

Secure booting is a feature in windows defender that prevents a type of malware called a “rootKits” from accessing your computer upon startup. Rootkits can enter into your computer system and make a record of your password and some important data that can be used against you.

Windows Defender Security Center Review

In this windows defender security center review, I will discuss the additional protection that windows defender security center can provide.

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