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Waphan is a free basic site that offers free access to download all kinds of videos, Games, Mp3 downloads. This is also a product of Waptrick which enables users especially of mobile devices to access their favorite games and all that. Obviously, this site has come up with an improved interface than Waptrick. This site comprises of categories where you can download mobile apps.

Just like I said “improved interface”, the site has been struggling over poor administration in terms of downloading files as a result of network issues and many other digital-related issues. But currently, this site has out-beat Waptrick in terms of fast and easy download interface. All you just need to do is to get the right URL for the site and then start exploring what you want to download. However, they are a lot of categorical features that you will find on the platform. They include;

  • • Waphan music mp3: This is where you get to download your mp3 files.
  • • waphan videos: The same thing is applicable here. Just as the name sounds, that is exactly what it replicates. So whenever you want to download videos from this site, you make use of the video category.
  • • Applications: category for your favorite app downloads.
  • • Ebooks: you get your favorite magazines, comics in PDF format and most importantly, your e-books.
  • • Mobile games
  • • Photo Gallery
  • • Sound effects
  • • Animations and lots more.
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All you need to download from this platform is listed under the below categories. So you get to see these categories of files on the home page of Waphan.

Waphan Free Online Mobile Games | Game Download

There are a lot of games to be played either online or by downloading it from this very site. They are grouped into different categories such as adventure games, puzzle games, driving games, shooting games, racing games, wap games and so many other categories that you get to know when you visit the site yourself.

Using the correct URL, you will be able to get to the site safely. Nowadays, people try to save space on their phones and so, therefore, choose to play games online rather than download the games to their phones. This has prompted the aim of this right up. Right in this article, you will be shown how to play free games online without you downloading it to your mobile device.

How to play free online games on Waphan

• Open your browser and navigate to www.waphan.com.
• Right on the first page that opens, you will see an icon for “play free online games”. Click on it to open the next page.
• A page for all categories will show up next. Move around and select the game category you to which the game you want to play online falls.
• Now locate the particular game that you want to play and click on it to proceed to the next page.
• Now locate the part that says “click here” so as to build the next page so that you can start playing the game.

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How to Watch Videos on www.waphan.com

Now thinking of watching videos online, I recommend videos from YouTube. YouTube is one of the most trending streaming websites when it comes to video streaming and video download. To download using YouTube streaming platform, follow the below instructions;

  • • Open the homepage and move to the YouTube icon and click on it. (Videos in Mp3 3GP Mp4).
  • • Page, where you will locate YouTube videos, will appear for you to select the video you want to download or copy the link directly from YouTube and paste it on the required space.
  • • Now paste the name/link of the video in the search bar.
  • • Different options relating to the video you made a search of will appear. Select one of your interests and allow the page for a different format to open.
  • • Choose the video format that you want to download ranging from mp4 HD 720 and so on.
  • • Now click on the video to watch first before downloading the video for confirmation.
  • • After confirming the video online, now you can locate the download button and click on it to start downloading.
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Waphan Apps

This site also has a category where you download your favorite apps just like your app store. You see lots of apps grouped into various categories such as amazing Apps, Dictionary, Messengers, photo/camera app, anti-virus app, and also other categories you will see when you get to the site.

Now to download apps from Waphan is easy just as your play store. All you get to do is to visit the homepage of Waphan using the correct URL. (www.waphan.com). Make a choice of what you want to download and proceed with the onscreen instructions.

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