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Verizon wireless is one of the leading telecom companies in the United States. Its service stands out amongst the list out there in the telecom world. Using your “My Verizon wireless Account” is not complete until you gain access to the online account.Verizon Wireless Login

All Verizon customers must complete their online to take advantage of the benefits that it brings. The benefits include; bill payment online, make changes to your account, check your account activities. Customers can also update their account, check out for career and job ads about Verizon, you can as well meet with the customer representative only.

You can as choose to access My Verizon Wireless Login account through your mobile app or using your mobile browser.

My Verizon Wireless Login | Login Verizon Wireless My Account

Note that Yes, the Verizon Login page is utilizing SSL technology and communication is encrypted. The steps below will guide you on how to access and log in your Verizon account online. To get this done;

  • You will need to launch your browser and visit
  • With the opening of the page, click the “My Verizon Option” located at the top right side of the screen.
  • This will display option to login and sign up for a new account. Users will also see the current Verizon promotions that are on. You will need to click the login option.
  • Next, enter your User ID and Password in the space provided and click Login to gain access to your account dashboard.

With this logging into your Verizon account, you will be able to;

  1. Switch to a new call and data mobile plan and upgrade your services on Verizon.
  2. You will be able to make changes in your About page.
  3. User can gain access to chat with a live chat customer persons online
  4. This login will enable you Pay your Verizon Bills and make payments. This is so for both personal and business customers of Verizon.
  5. This login will as grant you access to view your bill or request a paperless bill mostly for regular users and business customers.

Forgot Password

You will not be able to access your My Verizon Wireless Login without the correct username and password. If you have forgotten your login details to My Verizon Wireless Login, the steps below will help you to retrieve your Password without stress. You don’t need to meet the customer person to get this done.

You just need to;

  • Visit the login page and click on the “Forgot Password” button on the page which is under the logging button.
  • You will be asked some question of data used during the signup process. This could be either through your email or mobile number.
  • Users will need to confirm this move by providing their 9 digits mobile number in the space provided.
  • With that done, you receive a confirmation email promoting that you have truly change your “My Verizon Wireless Login password”.

Register My Verizon Wireless Account

If you are new to My Verizon Wireless services, you will need to create a new account to gain access to the online service.

To sign up My Verizon Wireless account, user will first,

  1. Visit the account home page and click on Register new account.
  2. Next, enter the ten digits mobile number of your mobile line.
  3. Ensure that the said mobile number is on. Verizon will send you a free text message that has the Verification number. This PIN will be used to complete your online sign up.
  4. Go online and complete the registration process online.

My Verizon Wireless Customer Care

For those having technical issues, you can contact the Verizon customer care unit online, send emails or call Verizon (800) 922-0204.

How To Pay Bills on Verizon

You can have your bills paid through your Discover, MasterCard or Visa Debit Card.

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