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PayLeap service seems to be a comprehensive payment platform that you should know about. More reviews will come up as we step down for more details.PayLeap | Features of PayLeap | PayLeap Review

PayLeap – meaning

This is a safe payment forum that offers comprehensive payment details. However, it is currently in use by merchants in the US and Canada. This service provider makes use of Ecwid integration which will enable your customers to place an order even without checking out of the Ecwid pages.

This payment system is after the small businesses and also the internet-based companies. PayLeap is a service that everyone will like to take part in after you must have gone through this review. However, in case you would want to get more assistance with this service, you can equally join them over their website at They are primary services that this platform offers which you should know about.


PayLeap Review: Fees, Comparisons, Complaints, & Lawsuits › payleap

Overall, PayLeap scores well in our review due to its very low complaint total and its competitive pricing. It is best-suited for specific.

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Flat Rate – PayLeap › pabodie › getstarted

Flat Rate. Debit Card. Credit Card. Merchant Account. PayLeap Gateway. Monthly Price. 2.39%+0.29. 2.89%+$0.29. Included ; Traditional. Qualified Rate. Downgrade …

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Compare PayLeap’s rates and fees or read reviews to help your business avoid credit card processing pitfalls

PayLeap – Credit Card Processing Ratings & Reviews › review › payleap

Payleap is a fairly new player in the credit card and debit card processing world, having been established in 2008. Though the company is fairly new, the.

PayLeap services

PayLeap primary services include Virtual terminal which can be used for in-person or mail-phone order transactions and the second which is e-commerce solutions for those that are after-sales. Most significantly, it accepts all brands of credit and debit cards. But how can these two services be applicable over the platform?

The Virtual Terminal

Thus, PayLeap virtual terminal is s system that enables you to accept payments through any internet-connected Smartphones and computers. However, this service is used to process card transactions, e-check payments and equally accept ACH. And as well helps to set up recurring billing for the security of data.

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Furthermore, transactions can be made using mail/phone orders or via an attached USB card reader for in-person swiped transactions.


As part of the service that PayLeap offers, businesses that accept online payment can switch to PayLeap to get solutions whereby they can accept both credit and pin-bases debit cards. This platform also accepts international debit cards.

For a swift ride, you must use internet-connected devices such as computers and Smartphones. But also, the use of ACH and e-check payment can as well be accepted just as I mentioned earlier.

It also takes care of liplock for companies in need of a quick way of adding payment options to their website. However, the leaplock pages are made accessible in phones and tablets and as well as computers.

Internet Pin debit

This platform also supports pin-debit transactions via the pay secure. It as well eliminates chargebacks by authentication of the customer. Thus, it puts liability on the debit user while lowering the processing rate. Now, over the paysecure option, your virtual PIN pad will be displayed.


Fees and rates

Each of the services has its pricing tags. They include;

For in-person pricing

The Charges are $19.99 per month+, 3.5% card not present, 2.5% credit, 1.5% debit.

For e-commerce

$19.99 for a monthly basis

$0.29 for every transaction+

2.89% for every credit

1.89% for each internet PIN-debit

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