Facebook can be a little difficult for newcomers to get a real hold on. Some remain puzzled after logging in, staring at the different icons and words. Others do not exactly know the difference between their home, profile and timeline pages, news feed and others displayed.

When a person understands Facebook core feature operations, he or she finds Facebook a livelier and friendlier place. Using and applying some of these features include:


Friend’s Timeline Page

On a friend’s timeline page, a big banner image appears across the top. Beneath that is their displaced bio and a column “wall” summarizing their activities, including recent posts, photos, status updates shared, and videos

The “About” button beneath their profile picture at the top left enables one to see a user’s full profile if you click on it. The friend’s list is also displayed unless it has been hidden.

Organizing Friends’ List

Having a lot of friends may require that you organize your friend list into different groups. The Facebook friends list feature is a great way to manage your friends to accomplish that. A person can even choose to hide his friends or hide those whose messages you do not really want to see. Using this feature allows you to maintain a Facebook friendship with someone while keeping their messages from cluttering up your daily stream of updates.

hiding Friends on Facebook

People hide friends on Facebook to avoid seeing posts they do not like. It cleans up a person’s feed and general Facebook life. Some persons simply unfriend a person whose status updates they consider annoying or probably boring. It is generally considered much better to hide friends, that is hide what they post than to outrightly unfriend or block them. In hiding their posts, you remain friends on Facebook still and you don’t risk offending them or having to totally disconnect.

One good way to hide friends is to go through your news feed and selectively use the Facebook “Unsubscribe” button. This is done by:

  1. Cull through your feed and find someone you want his updates hidden

2. Click on the little down arrow to the far right side of the status update. A drop-down menu shows up. The bottom part of the menu has the “unsubscribe” options. On clicking on the “Unsubscribe” on a person’s update, you hide all of their status updates and activities updates.

One can actually control a person’s volume of appearance on their feed by engaging the drop-down for volume on the Subscribe button.

In the drop-down for volume, three options are available;

All Updates, Most Updates, and Only Important. These options allow you to decide how often you want to see a person’s post or updates on your feed. By default, Facebook sets the subscribe button to “Most Updates”.


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