Online dating is the way to go for most persons today. It is a convenient way to meet new persons and it is legitimate too. One must however be cautious and common-sense precautions are needed precautions are needed to protect yourself against online scammers, identity theft, dating site creep, and more.

In practicing online dating, it is important to exercise good judgment and wit.


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Seven things you should never post in your online dating profile.

Pictures with embedded Geotags:

Geotags are basically the GPS coordinators of where a picture is taken. Geotags get recorded on photo files especially based on your location settings. This piece of information can be obtained by geotag reading apps, thereby potentially revealing a person’s location.

This is one of the many reasons one must be careful in uploading pictures and the choice of pics because location data embedded in photos as metadata can have unsettling privacy and security implications. Many dating sites however stop geotags and location data from uploading pics and one can personally remove such geotags before uploading. A person’s location can still be turned off completely even in such situations.

Address or Information about where you live

Turning off your dating site’s location-tracking feature could be the best possible way to go. This helps a lot, you do not want your house burgled up while you are possibly away. While you may want to list the town you reside, it could be too much to state your current location and certainly not your address.

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Phone number or Contact

Giving your phone number or contact on an online dating site is risky and dangerous. Certain persons could lay their hands on your number and start contacting you even when you do not need such. You also stand the risk of being exposed to scammers and hackers.

A Google voice phone number is an option for keeping your privacy while talking with a prospective love interest.

Your Workplace

Mentioning your workplace provides valuable information for scammers and creepers. While it seems innocuous giving details as regards work place, it could assists even a potential stalker from following you around and also through social media and search engines.

Hackers can use this information to target you for social engineering attacks or even competitive information gathering purposes. Places you normally visit should not be shared too early until you have come to know someone much better.

Photos of Your family

Posting photos of family put them at risks. Unscrupulous elements could use these photos for anything ranging from outright identity theft to as much as “digital kidnapping”. Post your own personal pictures if you must and in posting a family pic or even pictures of your kids, you could blur their faces or even crop them out.

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Information about Your School

Stay vague when discussing your education background. Whether you are currently in school or long graduated, adding information about the schools you attended opens the door for creepers and scammers to learn more about you, serving as a springboard into your social media accounts and other avenues of personal information.

Personal Primary or Work Email Address

Never list your real email address in your dating profile, whether it is a personal address or a work address. Adding your real email address puts you at risk for spam, harassment and phishing scams. Use the dating sites’ built-in messaging service or obtain a disposable email account or secondary email address just for dating purposes.